On Sunday (Oct. 11), the Los Angeles Lakers made history when they won Game six of the 2020 NBA Playoffs with a score of 106-93, thus becoming the 2020 NBA Champions. This moment was especially monumental because the team hasn’t reached this achievement since the late great Kobe Bryant led them in the 2010 NBA Finals, and, similarly, won Game six of that tournament, as well.

Weeks back when the Lakers advanced to the Finals, to say that social media was in shambles would be an understatement. “You can’t tell me that LeBron James is not the MVP of the league with a 38-16-10 performance tonight to lead the @Lakers to the NBA Finals!” NBA legend Magic Johnson tweeted at the time.

Many basketball fans immediately thought of Bryant when this moment happened. “Oh, boy. I don’t wanna cry this early. All for Kobe. All for Lakers nation. LeBron got you, Mr. Bryant. King James will make history in your name,” a Twitter user by the name of @FinnPong2 added.

While playing in the Playoffs, the Lakers won the first two games against the Miami Heat. In game three, the Miami team took that W, while the Lakers won game four. Not one to back down easily, the Heat came back with a vengeance to beat the Lakers in game five. So, the Los Angeles team knew it had to finish the job tonight not just for themselves, and the city, but the Lakers legend Bryant who did the same 10 years prior.

With this win, James officially become the first NBA player to win championships while in three different teams: the Cleveland Cavilers, Miami Heat, and now the L.A. Lakers. He is now also a four-time MVP.

Take a look at his speech after his big win below. Mamba is definitely proud.