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  /  10.12.2020

Another day, another “Karen” incident. A white woman was recently caught on video throwing a dog at a Black man in the middle of the street.

On Oct. 9, Glo Mula, a Los Angeles-based rapper, recorded the woman as the incident took place. The woman was behaving very strange. Her eyes were wide open and her pupils were dilated. She barely blinked throughout the entire encounter. She stumbled around in the middle of a California street as she held a dog.

Glo Mula asked the woman, “Why you holding the dog like that?” As she kept walking around and rambling, he said to her, “Bro, you got me in the middle of the street.”

He then asked the woman if she was on drugs. She tries to assault him multiple times as she blocked him from entering his vehicle. At one point in the video, she brought up the “mafia” and “military of the United States of America.” She then brought up the rapper’s race by saying, “You’re Black.”

“What did you just say?” Glo Mula asked her. “I said you’re Black,” the woman replied. “So what, so what if I’m fucking Black?” he said. The unnamed woman then spits in the street and says, “So what if I’m fucking white?”

“I didn’t say nothing about race, you racist bitch,” Glo Mula responded. “You’re the one that brought up fucking race.”

The woman continued to ramble and then she tried to kick Glo Mula. She started to walk away, but then turned around to ask the man if he “really wants to be worth more than a Mercedes.” Once he asked if that was her dog, she hurled the animal at him.

The dog started crying in pain after it landed on its back in the middle of the street. The dog immediately ran to Glo Murda for safety.

“Get the fuck out of here, you dumb bitch!” he said to the woman. “This is not your dog no more. I got video of everything. Yeah, get the fuck out of here. You’re going to jail, bitch.” He has since taken custody of the dog and renamed her “Movie.” He also started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for his new pet.

Check out video of the incident below.

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