Laced with silky smooth production from Harry Fraud, the musical chemistry between the Bay Area rapper Larry June and the Brooklyn-raised producer is front and center in their new joint project Keep Going. The 10-track body of work includes guest appearances from frequent collaborators and Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Jay Worthy, and Herm Lewis.

Early on in the project, Larry June proudly speaks on his status as an independent artist, as he comes in on “Organic Miracles” spitting about the benefits and confidence of the journey:

“We got a lil money now, n***a, let’s go invest. Take it to the top, hustle don’t stop. I own my master’s, baby, it’s no way that I can flop. Trials and tribulations, I dropped my first tape at 15. Even back then, I knew that I would make it.”

Harry Fraud has been putting up all-star numbers in terms of assists during 2020, as he held down several artists by blessing them behind the boards for the entire year. He unleashed a back to back combo with Curren$y, releasing The Outrunners in July then following up with The Director’s Cut later in September. Prior to that, he dropped Glass 2.0 with Mayhem Lauren and also Eat When You’re Hungry, Sleep When You’re Tired with Jay Worthy.

Earlier this year in May, Larry June dropped off his joint project with Cardo titled Cruise USA, which followed his March solo project Adjust to the Game. In a previous interview with REVOLT, Larry June spoke about why he plans to influence the masses with positivity:

“In music, you can promote other sh*t. You can do whatever you want to do as long as you’re happy. When you’re happy and living freely, you don’t have too much sh*t you worry about. Like the street sh*t, but it’s good. I come from the streets though, I was introduced to different lifestyle where you can live peacefully.”

You can listen to Larry June and Harry Fraud’s new collab project Keep Going in full down below.