Although 03 Greedo has spent the last two years inside a Texas prison, the California rapper is still finding a way to stay in the rap game, just as he promised. Earlier this summer, 03 Greedo teamed with Ron-RonTheProducer for the first volume of their Load It Up series, which featured a collaboration with Chief Keef titled “Bands In Da Basement.” On the song, Greedo gets his bars off about his lifestyle from a young age:

“We was ringin’ doorbells, we was runnin’ in the houses. When you first broke out in acne, I was breaking down the ounces. When my dudes was in the kitchen, I was rakin’ in the dough. Before she ever popped it for me, popped a Glock nine. Before she ever popped it for me, ran from one time.”

When there’s a will there’s a way. Since Greedo couldn’t make the “Bands In Da Basement” shoot, the end result featured two adorable miniature versions of Greedo and Keef. The two kids act as the duo as Chief Keef held it down and pops in himself for a few scenes as well during his part.

In an interview with Billboard around the time of his sentencing, Greedo spoke about how he hopes to be remembered in this generation:

“I’m focused on being the best rapper of this generation. Let’s talk about the things that I do that people praise me for, not my downfalls. I want to focus on the 30 albums I’m going to drop. I can’t go anywhere, get off any plane, and not get noticed. I’m the biggest thing of this generation. I’m the Culture God. I’m the thing that’s changing the world. That’s what people need to focus on about me.”

Check out the new “Bands In Da Basement” starring a mini 03 Greedo and Chief Keef below.