Nov. 3 will be Tyler, the Creator’s first time voting, but he wants his fans to cast their votes that day as well.

The Igor star hopped on social media to talk to his fans about the importance of the upcoming presidential elections despite knowing he’s “the last person y’all should ever take advice from.”

“Please, if you are young and your f*cking back don’t hurt, go to them polls and cast a f*cking vote …I see the light…and a lot of y’all gonna be like, ‘My vote doesn’t matter and they’re gonna pick who they want,’” he said in the two minute video.

“Yeah, you weird ass n*gga keep that up,” he continued. “Y’all was posting black squares and protesting from y’all phone and rights this and cancelling everybody — n*gga pull up. Y’all wanna new DA, pull up. Y’all want all these f*cking rights and sh*t, then pull up.”

Tyler said that his decision to vote comes from his desire for an updated school curriculum, more art and music classes in schools and the freedom to “f*ck on and marry whoever the f*ck I want at any given moment.” “If we want to keep some of those options, then we have to start somewhere,” he explained. “And I’m not a f*cking encyclopedia on this sh*t, but I know goddamn one thing that — if you want any of that, then you n*ggas gotta pull up.”

The Flower Boy rapper then encouraged his fans to vote in person so they could avoid any claims that their mail-in votes are fraudulent. “Some of that mail-in sh*t, n*ggas gonna try to call fraud,” he said. “I know them lines gonna be long, and it’s gonna be hot, but please do that.”

Watch Tyler, the Creator urging his fans to vote in the video below.