A Bronx father who shielded his three kids from gunfire last week received an outpouring of donations following the shooting.

Anthony Jefferson and his family have received more than $280,000 in donations on GoFundMe following the news that both of his jobs fired him after a bullet hit him in his thigh during the crossfire. One anonymous person donated a generous amount of $25,000 to the family.

REVOLT readers might recall Jefferson’s story from last week. On Monday (Sep. 21), he was waiting in a car dealership lobby with his three children. Serena Wingate, the family friend who created the GoFundMe, says he and the kids were there to buy his wife a birthday present.

Out of nowhere, a gunman appeared behind the family and began shooting at another man in the dealership. The other man returned fire and Jefferson and his children took cover in front of a couch.

In the surveillance video, you can see the glass window behind them shatter all over the floor. The father placed his arms over all three of the kids and a bullet hit him in his right thigh. None of the children were injured.

His wife, Danica Jefferson, told TMZ that her husband was discharged from the hospital following the shooting, but the bullet was still in his leg. She said that her husband will need surgery and currently cannot walk.

Before the shooting, Jefferson worked as a construction worker and head painter at a maintenance company. Both jobs have terminated his employment as a result of his injury.

“I truly want to thank everyone for their well wishes and get well soon and praise for my family. I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart,” Jefferson told NBC New York.

“I was just being a father,” he added. “If my arms would have stretched to everyone, I would have made sure I would have gotten them to safety.”

If you would like to donate to Jefferson’s GoFundMe, click here.