/  09.21.2020

If there is anything you can expect from REVOLT’s “The Fat Joe Show,” it would be some legendary stories from some of the most famous names in hip hop. During Irv Gotti’s recent appearance, the entrepreneur revealed the origin of JAY-Z’s former beef with the late Tupac Shakur.

According to Irv, the rapper’s collaboration with The Notorious B.I.G. on “Brooklyn’s Finest” started the tension between the two rappers, adding he was initially against JAYZ doing the song.

He explained that he doubted Hov’s ability to hold his own on a track with Biggie, but was also worried he might get embroiled in the tension Big had with Tupac.

“That’s why ‘Pac was shitting on JAY because of ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,’” he said. “If Fay had twins/She’d probably have two Pacs,” he continued. “Get it? and JAY’s on the record with him so now he’s like, ‘Fuck you, ain’t no n-gga like me, fuck JAY-Z,’ and he starts bombing on JAY.”

Tupac eventually went on to diss JAY-Z in a few tracks, but JAY’s clapback was never released as the California rapper passed away.

“It never came out out of respect for the fact that he died,” DJ Clark Kent said in a past episode of the “A Waste of Time” podcast. “JAY did a record going at ‘Pac, but just as it was about to come out, son died…We performed it, though. We performed it once. You have to understand. The chip on JAY’s shoulder is so crazy, it’s just like he had to perform it.”

While JAY-Z and Tupac never had a chance to settle their differences, Nas, fortunately, had a different end to his story. The Queens native met up with Tupac backstage at the 1996 MTV Awards, realized their beef stemmed from a misunderstanding and squashed their beef.

“It was necessary for us to address the situation … We had to step to our business,” he said. “We had a great convo … He thought I was dissing him on the song “The Message.”

Why Jay-Z And Biggie Would’ve Been In A Rap Battle | The Fat Joe Show


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