Michelle Obama is seeing all of the foolery that is taking place in this country under Donald Trump’s leadership and she believes that her family would have never been able to get away with any of it.

The former First Lady opened up about her experience in the White House and how differently things are under the Trump administration in a recent episode of “The Michelle Obama Podcast.”

“When we were in the White House, we could’ve never gotten away with some of the stuff that’s going on now, not because of the public, but our community wouldn’t have accepted that. You worked, you did your best every day. You showed up,” she said.

Obama then went on to talk about the protests that have erupted since the Memorial Day killing of George Floyd.

“The fact that there are people out there that treat us less than, when we’re working so hard to be better than, that’s where the pain comes from,” she said. “That’s what these young people are so angry about… the notion that people are out there wondering about these protests, it’s like, do you know how much it takes, that it takes to get up everyday, and be accused of being less than what you are?”

In another part of the podcast, Obama shared a story about how her older brother, Craig Robinson, was stopped by the police after they thought he stole his own bike. The incident happened when he was 10 or 11 years old and he said it was “terrifying” because he was “always taught that the police are your friends … and they’ll believe the truth.”

“You were riding down the street and you got stopped by the police, and they accused you of stealing your own bike,” Obama recalled. “And they would not believe you, to the point where you were like, ‘Take me to my home.’”

“When you leave the safety of your home and go out into the street, where being Black is a crime in and of itself, we have all had to learn how to operate outside of our homes with a level of caution and fear, because you never know,” she added.