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Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s hearts belong to the Bay Area and they are helping out their community any way they can. Their Eat. Learn. Play. initiative recently announced a partnership with Kaiser Permanente to distribute 150,000 meals to Oakland, California families.

Over the course of six weeks, the nutritious meals will be distributed to Oakland students and their families during the pandemic thanks to the $1.5 million grant from health care company. The grant will fund 150 local restaurants after many of them have experienced hardship during the last few months.

In addition to feeding the Oakland families, the Currys are also planning to help students and teachers once schools reopen during the fall through the Learn component of the foundation. They didn’t offer too many details about their plans, but with many schools shifting to online learning, the Currys want to make sure that they can assist.

REVOLT was able to attend the virtual press conference and ask the Currys some questions regarding their initiative. Check out the quick chat below.

The Eat, Learn, Play initiative is mostly for the Bay Area right now. Do you have any plans to expand nationwide or globally?

Ayesha: Yeah. I think the exciting thing with the model that we have — I mean obviously the hope is too expand — but our heart is in The Bay and the hope is really that people use the model that we are using right now with our partnerships with Kaiser, World Central Kitchen and Alameda County Community Food Bank … and implement it into their own communities. That’s really the hope is that we all tag team city to city, state to state and get it done altogether cause that’s really — that’s how it works. The hope his that people use the model that we’ve created and implemented.

Will the Learn component of Eat. Learn. Play. support families who choose to homeschool their children although schools are reopening?

Stephen: Absolutely. We were talking to Mayor Schaaf. She’s been homeschooling full fledge with her family right now. We understand that in our backyard of Oakland, distance learning is a necessity. It’s part of the reality of taking care of our kids and making sure that they are still developing properly. But, I think people might take for granted that internet access and even computers at home and being connected is not something that’s given to everybody. They might take for granted, that part of the conversation, with how many kids might not have access and stable internet and whatnot. So, we’re working really hard to try to solve that and to get activated and get kids connected making sure that they’re given all the tools necessary to stay on track.

Ayesha: In this case not just for the kids; for the teachers, as well. We have a grand plan, I wish we could speak on it more, but it’s happening. And yes, people that are homeschooling, distance learning will be covered, as well.