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  /  09.17.2020

Organically building one’s career from the ground up is not an easy feat, especially in a cultural landscape where there is no shortage of talent competing for the spotlight. To emerge above the rest and stand out against the crowd, it’s vital to have ambition for self-betterment and an unrelenting drive to work hard. Exemplifying a hearty sense of loyalty, purpose, confidence and self-sacrifice are integral parts of the journey, as well, with a desire to be a better person, day in and day out, which helps to serve as motivation.

For those with a grander vision for a vibrant and rewarding future, a fighting spirit must be present now more than ever. As exemplified on REVOLT’s “Funny AF,” comedians embody a special blend of what it takes to become a self-made entertainer with plenty of material to make the ride a hilarious one. From maintaining a sense of humility to tapping into the heralded ability to laugh at one’s experiences, comedians help make the world a better place one stand-up set at a time.

Jo Lenz

Taking to the stage during the second season of “Funny AF,” Las Vegas-based comedian Jimmy McMurrin invites the audience to step into his perspective as a former Division 1 basketball player turned family man. While the transition from holding it down on the court to watching over the crib has been a rewarding one, Jimmy keeps it 100 about what his foray into fatherhood has taught him, which includes stories on how a growing family has catastrophically impacted his bank account. Naturally, his home life serves an endless pool of inspiration, effortlessly weaving his wife, children and even his “misogynistic” pet Doberman into his material. Elsewhere throughout his set, he reminds the crowd that even parents need to have their fun with stories of his gay friends coming in clutch with well-planned nights out at the club and outfit compliments. With an approach to comedy as relatable as it is ruthless, Jimmy is tenacious in his fight to rightfully earn his place in the world of entertainment.

Tiarre Monique

With comedy, there is no finite rulebook to follow in order to win over a crowd’s attention and adoration. Often, performers find success by opting to fearlessly share intimate details in their sets. Los Angeles-based, Chicago-born comedian Tiarre Monique has exactly this gift, utilizing her knack for storytelling to connect with others and drawing brilliantly from her personal experiences to entertain. During her featured set on “Funny AF,” Tiarre gets real about an array of subjects including how having teeth is one of the most important qualities to look for in a date. With the bar set hilariously low, the comic divulges what she’s been through in her past relationships including having to navigate an old-school binder of CDs in her ex’s ride, and what it’s like to go out with a younger man who has furnished his home with luxuries such as wicker furniture and one singular pillow on the bed. As a graduate of the world-renowned Second City Conservatory, Tiarre has embraced her calling in stand-up, turning to the coveted medium to find her voice as a comedian, actress, performer and writer.

From dad misadventures to dating mishaps, Jimmy and Tiarre come from vastly different backgrounds and perspectives, but each share a common love for making people laugh and overcoming life’s challenges through a comedic lens. As each comic strives for greatness and champions the creative integrity of their work in their own respective ways, REVOLT’s “Funny AF” makes for a perfect introduction to their work.

To keep up with the next generation of emerging talent in the comedy game, keep it locked to REVOLT’s “Funny AF.” 


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