André 3000 shared what song he would like to hear while he is on his deathbed. Journalist Mike Ayers spoke to the Outkast emcee and several other artists for his upcoming book One Last Song: Conversations on Life, Death and Music and the emcee shared how a certain Prince song resonates with him.

Ayers asked the “Hey Ya!” rapper which song would he listen to before he died. He explained how much the song “Sometimes It Snows In April” meant to him and how the track is such an example of how quickly things can change in life. André 3000 spoke about how the song has a connection to the deaths of his mother and father.

“Both of my parents are gone and they both died early,” he said. “Just out of the blue, when I least expected it. Even the lyrics, ‘Sometimes it snows in April’ is kind of like…it’s not the time it’s supposed to snow. So, it means something really serious happened when it wasn’t expected. The mood of the song always clicked in that sort of way. I never knew what Prince was talking about, but it sounded like he was talking about a life.”

The Outkast rapper also opened up about a near-fatal car accident he was involved in as a child.

“When I was younger, me and my friend were in a car accident,” 3000 recalled. “We were riding with my friend’s mom, but we were so young, we didn’t know what happened until we woke up in the hospital. I didn’t know. I was a kid.”

“We were on this street in Atlanta and it was a non-busy street,” he continued. “And fortunately this guy who had money passed by — and he had one of the first working cell phones. It was like a suitcase. And he was able to call an ambulance. If we didn’t have that cell phone, we would have been out there for a minute — and might have died. Who knows. I don’t know if that’s a near-death experience. But I was definitely lucky.”