A white woman in Houston, Texas was caught on video accusing a Black man of threatening her while he was doing his job as a U.S. Census worker. Isaac Perkins was reportedly going door-to-door when an unnamed woman came up to him and told him that she was calling the cops because he didn’t have a reason to be in front of her neighbor’s home.

“But you’re in front of my neighbor’s house and I might need to ask what you’re up to,” she said in the clip.

“You’re calling the cops because I’m black? Is that what it is?” Perkins asked.

“You need to leave,” the woman said to Perkins, who then asked her, “Why do I need to leave?”

“Because you don’t have a reason to be here,” she answered.

After going back and forth with the woman verbally, he told her to call the cops. “Go ahead and call the cops,” Perkins said, as she dialed 911. “I’ll wait for the cops, actually. I have no problem on that. Y’all gotta learn to stop messing with Black people.”

The woman appeared to begin speaking to the 911 operator on her cellphone. She described Perkins as a “Black male” who was acting “obnoxious” in the neighborhood. She told the operator that he threatened her — which did not happen in the video.

Perkins took to Instagram to share videos of the incident. “Another Karen! This is part 1! Currently waiting for @houstonpolice to arrive,” he wrote. “Anglo Saxon woman called the police on me for not bothering her. So, we gonna wait! If I don’t post a follow up that probably means Karen was successful and the police shot me like they popped that mentally ill kid 21 times. Don’t cry…ride if they do! @artacevedo if possible, can you have a unit out here as quick as possible, I have work to do!”

In a second Instagram post, he shared a video of Houston police arriving to the scene hours later. “Thank You @houstonpolice for arriving promptly 2 hours later!” he wrote. “They saying she didn’t call the police, but that’s not what the operator mentioned. They told me they already had a call from this area but couldn’t give me any arrival details. Only reason I stayed this long is because I wanted this Karen to learn to mind her f*ckin business. Back to the money because I’m on the clock right now.”

Check out the videos below.