The NBA has announced that their players have decided to resume postseason games after refusing to play on Wednesday (Aug. 26) night.

After some of the teams in the bubble decided to boycott Game 5 of their playoff games on Wednesday, they met with each other as well as the NBA Board of Governers to determine how they would move forward. The players eventually decided they would continue playing and finish up the season.

According to a statement released by NBA Executive Vice President Mike Bass, the athletes have also opted not to play tonight (Aug. 27), but the resumption of the playoff games can come as soon as Friday.

The players will further discuss the NBA’s next steps during a video conference with the team governors later this afternoon.

Ahead of Bass’ statement, Lakers star LeBron James, who has often expressed that Black lives matter, acknowledged that change “happens with action” and encouraged his Twitter followers to use their voice and vote in the upcoming elections.

“Change doesn’t happen with just talk!! It happens with action and needs to happen NOW! For my @IPROMISESchool kids, kids and communities across the country, it’s on US to make a difference,” he penned in a tweet. “Together. That’s why your vote is @morethanavote #BlackLivesMatter.”

On Wednesday (Aug, 26), in response to the horrifying shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday, the Milwaukee Bucks made the decision to remain in their locker rooms and sit out of their game against the Orlando Magic. Shortly after, the four other teams that were scheduled to play on Wednesday annouced they would not be playing either.

The NBA walk-outs were praised from fans, Black people and celebrities alike and August 26, 2020, exactly four years since the first time Colin Kaepernick sat on a bench during the national anthem, became a monumental day in the NBA.

After the pro-basketball league set the tone with their powerful decision, other leagues began to follow suit. The WNBA, the MLB, MLS and tennis player Naomi Osaka refused to play their scheduled games in the fight against racial inequality and police brutality.

See the statement from the NBA Exec Mike Bass below.