There have been numerous reports of locked mailboxes around the country. People are panicking as they believe this is an attempt to prevent people from sending off mail-in ballots for the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Although it seems like the election could be completely sabotaged, your ballot can still be picked up by postal workers. A mailman by the Twitter name @IsThatDeeStrick tweeted that they can still pick up ballots and any outgoing mail that anyone may have.

“Don’t let the removal of the blue boxes stop y’all from voting,” he tweeted. “As a mailman we can still pick up y’all voting ballots or any outgoing mail. All y’all have to do is hang letters out your mailbox and we will pick it up as we delivering your mail. Spread the word.”

After 20 Democratic states announced their plans to file federal lawsuits, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said that all changes being made to the Postal Service would be suspended until after the presidential election, according to CNN.

Hours of operation at postal offices will no longer change, mailboxes and other equipment will remain in place and mail facilities will remain open.

“The Postal Service is ready today to handle whatever volume of election mail it receives this fall,” DeJoy said in a statement. “Even with the challenges of keeping our employees and customers safe and healthy as they operate amid a pandemic, we will deliver the nation’s election mail on time and within our well-established service standards. The American public should know that this is our number one priority between now and election day. The 630,000 dedicated women and men of the Postal Service are committed, ready and proud to meet this sacred duty.”

He continued, “In addition, effective Oct. 1, we will engage standby resources in all areas of our operations, including transportation, to satisfy any unforeseen demand.

“I am grateful for the commitment and dedication of all the men and women of the Postal Service, and the trust they earn from the American public every day, especially as we continue to contend with the impacts of COVID-19. As we move forward, they will have the full support of our organization throughout the election.”

Check out the tweet from @IsThatDeeStrick below.