/  08.18.2020

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I’m not a politician, a Republican, or a Democrat; but a descendant of 3/5 Americans. We’re yet again in a predicament where the election may come down to the power behind the Black vote. Both parties have failed to motivate us to the poll stations. Now, it is up to us to lend our support to the democratic party. First, I would like to state, this is not an allegiance. It is a conditional partnership. This vote ain’t free! We’re currently dealing with a president who misuses his influence, displays Black resentment and has led this nation toward a deep depression. There are individuals attached to him that must go. Dear America, my ancestors picked cotton and made you rich. Now, it is time you repent for your broken promise of 1865. With our vote, we are holding the DNC accountable for the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Recommendations.

…Six In The Morn’, Fire In The Street, Burn Baby Burn, That’s All I Want To See

The civil unrest in America has gotten worldwide attention. This generation is not afraid, and will continue to unite and bring awareness to police brutality. To start, legislation banning all maneuvers that restrict oxygen to the brain must be enacted. If the Geneva Convention restricts the use of tear gas during a war, then why would America utilize that punishment onto its civilians? To solve that and issues like it, the Obama-Biden’s Executive Order 13688 needs to be re-instituted and suited to fix today’s climate. As far as police hiring and diversity, there needs to be a cultural diversity course implemented in the police academies. Also, funding allocated to frequent checkups on the officer’s health, mental health, and drug screenings. As you know and have seen, my community has been hurt and been down before. We gone be alright and will continue to be loud until these demands are met.

…Talented, But Still Under The Neighborhood’s Ruse

Institutionalized slavery is over. We need marijuana to be decriminalized and individuals incarcerated on marijuana charges need to be released. In addition to that, their criminal record expunged. Federal mandatory minimums need to be repealed and access to the following is a must: voting rights, Pell Grants, and access to assistance that everyone can get. Private prisons must go. Put an end to forced prison labor; institutionalized slavery! Dear America, reciprocation of freedom only lives in your eyes. Stop hiring prisoners for cheap labor and we need to investigate judges who mimic the actions of Mark Ciavarella. The harsh punishment of juveniles needs correction. We can start by abolishing life without parole and end incarcerating them with adults. If the expectation is for people to be reformed post-incarceration, educational and skill training opportunities must be offered. Hey Biden, ’95 crime bill, fix it!

…You Failure, You Ain’t No Leader

Donald Trump has called Mexican immigrants the worst, rapists, and drug dealers. He called our African brethren’s countries s**t holes. It is evident that we are irrelevant to society. Trump appears to only compliment voyages like the Mayflower, truthfully, I expect nothing less from the son of a Klan brawler. You hate my people; I can tell because it’s a threat when I see you. America must come correct. Trump’s travel ban must be terminated. Biden needs to enhance DACA so the recipient’s livelihood will not be endangered again. Chief Justice Roberts ruled on a technicality. Trump administration is too incompetent to repeal DACA correctly, if reelected, he most likely will be able to. Oh, and Mr. Trump, I know you said it. The correct word is N-E-G-U-S, explanation straight from Ethiopia, meaning Black emperor, king, and ruler. 

…I Know Everything, I Know Street Sh*t, I know Lawyers

The public school system is not structured to benefit us, also, Betsey Devos’ mission is to continue to underfund our youth public schools. She has labeled our youth as projects kids, who speak with a poverty dialect, and states that the poor standardized test scores reflect it. As a result, she continues to reallocate public school funding to private schools. To get our public schools on the right track, Title 1 funding must be increased to match the funding schools in predominately white communities have. Also, early childhood education programs need to be established. Benefits should be given, so educators can be paid a decent wage and for the program to be cost-efficient for parents. With that stated, the college loan crisis is among us. Student loan forgiveness needs restructuring. After 20 years of payment, the balance needs to be completely forgiven. And Biden, we’re expecting you to correct your college loan, bankruptcy stance.

…What Do You Got To Offer

Throughout history, Black people have struggled to get access to quality healthcare insurance. With COVID-19, we have seen job loss, which caused health care loss. Everyone should be eligible for the public option or the Affordable Care Act regardless of employment. Individuals who cannot afford healthcare should be able to enroll in a free public option. Federal funding to support Planned Parent Hood is a must. There’s one word for the people who disagree and claim to be pro-life, pro-capital punishment, and pro-police harassment: hypocrite!

…This Feeling Is Unmatched

The Reagan Era sabotaged my community and made America a killing. The Black vote has been taken for granted and that tradition will end this year. In conclusion, I want to speak to my people. We must strategize, organize, and get on the same agenda. We must get rid of the excuses that are used to devalue our lives. There’s true power in that, I’m a product of it. The streets put me through colleges. Professor Love, Purify, and Supreme instilled the be all you can be mentality. Those were wise words from the Gods. I’m Black, I love being Black, and I love us!


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