Young Dolph has been in his bag for a number of years now when it comes to the music. Since he started his independent label PRE (Paper Route Empire), Dolph has been applying some consistent pressure with every drop. Having a way with his words, he tackles each beat in a manner that no other artist can. Often flexing his accomplishments and giving life gems to live by in his raps, the Memphis rapper has made a name for himself and started a legacy that will not be forgotten in years to come. Today, Dolph emerges with a brand new album titled Rich Slave.

To help promote the album, Dolph came up with a clever way to bring more awareness — a chance for fans to win a custom 2018 Aventador Lamborghini valued at $412,000. The only ways to win the prize is by pre-ordering Rich Slave or purchasing merch bundles from his online store, in which all bundles come with a digital copy of the album. Though the project is out now, the opportunity to win a new Lamborghini is stretching until Aug 20 at midnight.

Earlier this year in March, Young Dolph announced some news that worried fans across the nation — his retirement from rap. Although we don’t necessarily know the reason(s) why he felt that way at the time, it was a breath of fresh air to find out he’s not leaving the game just yet.

In regards to the title Rich Slave, here’s what the PRE front-man had to say about the deeper meaning behind it:

“It’s the reality of being Black in this country — You can have money, and you can be a benefactor and a leader in your community, but all people see is black skin. All the bullshit I heard about as a kid, we still face in today’s time. Over the years, they have given us a little bit of freedom but it’s only a temporary pacifier. Hopefully this album makes people understand that even though guys like me are doing well, we’re still affected by racism and inequality. It’s 2020, but the same stuff is still going on.”

Press play on Dolph’s new album below.