Back in February, Omarion revealed a new single titled “Can You Hear Me?,” which features assistance from T-Pain and production from Michelle LeFleur and Mike Hector. The track sees the two artists flexing about their career successes and more:

“I been actin’ hella different lately, can you hear me? Can’t give my new number to my baby, can you hear me? Got too much security, none of them bitches can get near me/

My mink be so furry, got them vultures tryna get me, ooh (Yeah)My shit be hella loud, can you hear me now?/”

The visual is mainly carried by a group of dancers led by New York multi-talent FrancoTh3Artist, and they’re high-end dance moves are interspersed with Omarion’s own throughout. Unfortunately, T-Pain doesn’t make an appearance in the clip — something that’s explained in the opening message:

“In these unprecedented times during Covid-19 and social injustice, I wanted to offer a reprise via spiritual nourishment. Through the unifying language of dance is joy. Members of the dance community put this video together on their own, and i’m honored to present it as the official video for ‘Can You Hear Me?’”

Outside of his regular life as a celebrity in the public eye, Omarion remained fairly dormant from a musical standpoint. His last release, the 4-track Care Package 4, was released back in 2017, while his last official studio LP Sex Playlist made landfall three years prior. Currently, Omarion revealed to Joe Budden that he was working on his upcoming album Passport alongside famed producer/artist James Fauntleroy:

“The s*** is coming this year. I have an album with myself and James Fauntleroy titled Passport. It’s already done. It’s in the clip. We’re just waiting for the [right time].

In the meantime, fans can enjoy his video for “Can You Hear Me?” below.