Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new “WAP” video has been the talk of social media since it dropped on Friday (Aug. 7). The visuals celebrated female sexuality and fans couldn’t help but notice that the ladies took a page out of Lil Kim’s book.

The video started out with statues of Meg and Cardi crouched down in the infamous pose that Kim did for her Hard Core photo shoot. Kim talked about her infamous pose in an interview with XXL in 2016.

“I didn’t plan it,” she said. “By nature, I was a very good model. I knew how to pose. I don’t know where it comes from. … When I did the Hard Core photo shoot, I was just posing to do them. It wasn’t like I’m just going to pose and squat and show my kitty cat; that was not on my mind at all. For me, it was just being a model and posing in a cute, sexy way.”

In the “WAP” video, Cardi and Meg also sported updo’s and fashions similar to those in Kim’s “Crush On You” visuals.

Twitter user @mascaraboi tweeted, “If y’all don’t give my baby mama LiL Kim her flowers because there would be no WAP without her. She rocked the updos, the wigs, the color…she bodied tf out of raw sexiness and hood Black girl magic. LiL Kim still in rotation on my playlists.”

“When I tell y’all Lil Kim is the blueprint…WHEW!” social media user @Choc_Royalty93 tweeted. “I mean, just look at the material, aesthetic and influence. They look like background dancers from the ‘Crush On You’ video. They look gorgeous! #WAP.”

Twitter user @danikwateng wrote, “Good morning. This is an appreciation post for Lil Kim and Misa Hylton. The GOATs. They walked so these girls could run. #WAP #WAPMusicVideo.”

Check out more tweets from fans giving props to Lil Kim for her influence in the “WAP” video below.