A white woman was asked to leave by protesters after she yelled a racist slur at the George Floyd hologram event in Richmond, Virginia.

The unidentified woman, who was caught on camera, seemingly hosted her own one woman protest at the event. After yelling the n-word, she told the person recording, “This is my city.” She added, “Look at this n***a s**t.”

The hologram was temporarily taking the place of where a confederate monument once stood. At the moment, the George Floyd Foundation is working on conducting similar projects in more locations, having already done so in Virginia and Asheville, North Carolina.

Over the last few weeks, Floyd’s death sparked a number of protests in America, calling for racial equality and an end to police brutality. On Friday (July 31), the late victim’s brother Terrence marched alongside Eric Garner’s mother Gween Carr in New York City, demanding that their voices be heard.

“I know we are angry. I know we are upset, but keep it peaceful. We don’t need anybody else on the front page,” said Terrence. “We must keep protesting until we get true accountability, true transparency and true legislation,” Carr added.

“Get your knee off our necks in Queens, get your knee off our necks in Staten Island, get your knee off our necks in The Bronx, Brooklyn – all across this nation,” said Nicole Bell, the widow of Sean Bell.

Last month, news broke that California lawmakers proposed a bill that would give stricter penalties to cops who fail to step in when their coworkers are using excessive force. “We were outraged when we watched the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer from a knee to the neck,” Chris Holden said. “Equally disturbing, was the lack of intervention from the police officers who witnessed a clear use of excessive force.”

Take a look at the video below.