On Friday (July 31), George Floyd’s brother Terrence marched alongside several protesters in New York, calling for an end to police brutality in America.

The organized march, which concluded at Trump Tower, also received support from Gween Carr, the mother of Eric Garner. “I know we are angry. I know we are upset, but keep it peaceful. We don’t need anybody else on the front page,” said Terrence. “We must keep protesting until we get true accountability, true transparency and true legislation,” Carr added.

“Get your knee off our necks in Queens, get your knee off our necks in Staten Island, get your knee off our necks in The Bronx, Brooklyn – all across this nation,” said Nicole Bell, the widow of Sean Bell.

News regarding the protest comes after Floyd’s brother Po announced a violence prevention funding effort in Chicago. “Today, I’m announcing we are putting new and significant dollars into combating gun violence directly on the streets of Chicago. Please stop killing, y’all stop, we need to come together, there’s a bigger picture,” he said.

He added, “I don’t want us to go back to our regular routine and forget that people need justice.”

Last month, Floyd’s family filed a wrongful death suit. The 40-page document listed a string of violent arrests that took place over the last few years in the city of Minneapolis. “It was the knee of the entire Minneapolis Police Department on the neck of George Floyd that killed him,” attorney Benjamin Crump said. “The city of Minneapolis has a history of policies and procedures and deliberate indifference when it comes to the treatment of arrestees, especially Black men, that cries out for training and discipline.”

In addition to that, the suit also claimed that Floyd did not resist at the time of his arrest. “Mr. Floyd did not physically resist arrest. Mr. Floyd was unarmed and did not at any point physically or verbally threaten the officers, nor did he attempt to flee,” the lawsuit continued.