It’s always a great thing to see new artists flourishing the way they should and making a name for themselves. Today, Alabama rapper Flo Milli came out the gate strong with the release of her debut EP Ho, Why Is You Here?

The world needs more talented women in the rap game and Flo Millie is the perfect addition to the forefront as she shows charisma, exceptional skill and that she’s fearless when she steps in the booth. If you never heard of her before, it’s pretty likely you’ll continue to see her name floating around in the near future.

With cosigns from Cardi B, SZA, Halle Berry, City Girls member JT, Doja Cat and others, Flo Millie is off to a phenomenal start to her career and she’s a force to not be reckoned with for sure. She has a lot to celebrate with this milestone release as this is just the beginning of what will be a long and successful career for her. Regarding the release of Ho, Why Is You Here?, Flo had this to say:

This project is introducing a revamped newer me. A newer version of myself that I’m still discovering. This phase of me comes with an ego and an attitude. This is setting the tone for what I have to come in the future, I want everyone to feel the energy I’m coming with.

The 12-track project includes no features as Flo Millie makes a statement early that she’s indeed capable of holding her own weight at ease. Without a doubt, the only way for the young rapper to go is up and judging from the EP in its entirety, Ho Why Is You Here? will be on repeat for a while.

One could only think about the heightened effect this EP would have if the ladies weren’t on quarantine. Stream the project below!