Photo: Derrick Thompson
  /  07.17.2020

A Virginia State trooper is now under investigation for a 2019 traffic stop where he was caught on video forcefully removing a Black man from his vehicle. Last year, Derrick Thompson was pulled over for driving with an expired inspection decal. During the stop, Virginia State Trooper Charles Hewitt learned that Thompson’s license was suspended and he also smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Additional troops were called to the scene.

According to the police report, Thompson refused to comply with Hewitt’s demands to exit the car. The trooper then told him that he was under arrest. Thompson still refused to exit his car. He was then forcibly removed from his vehicle. Hewitt placed his arms around the vicim’s neck as he cried out for help.

“How do you like that motherfucker? How do you like that? Huh? Put your hands behind your back,” Hewitt said. The two disappeared for the remainder of the recording, but you could still hear Thompson speaking to the officer.

“My hands are behind my back,” the victim said. “I am not resisting.” Thompson can also be heard saying, “Sir, please get off my neck. I am not resisting. You are harming me.”

Thompson’s attorney tweeted the video of the incident on Monday (July 13). “Today, we sent a letter to @MarkHerringVA about Virginia State Trooper Charles Hewitt,” civil rights lawyer Joshua Erlich tweeted. “In April 2019, Derrick Thompson was driving to work when Hewitt terrorized and assaulted him.”

“The conduct displayed by Trooper Hewitt during the course of the traffic stop is not in agreement with the established standards of conduct required of a Virginia trooper,” Virginia State Police Superintendent Gary T. Settle said. “Nor is it characteristic of the service provided daily across the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Following the arrest, Thompson suffered a small abrasion on his forehead and was taken to a local hospital. He was also charged for the expired inspection decal, obstruction of justice and driving with a suspended license.

Hewitt has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues. Check out the video of the incident below.


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