/  07.07.2020

When it comes to the current unrest in the country, Atlanta has been one of the main sites of protest. As such, 2 Chainz and Skooly have decided to join in the fight against systematic oppression and police brutality via their new collaboration “Devil Just Trying To Be Seen”:

“Lil’ homie poppin’ pills, broken the building to see what he can steal, product of being left in the field, need a vest, rifle and the shield/

Images of a murder I don’t wanna see, n***a too young to have a will, peace, I’m blessed, strap, no less, no tribe, it might be your day to die, you can go to rest/

No press, they go marchin’ in Dickies, got a whole pound for the blickies, ain’t no room for no peakies, yeah, uh, n***as still saying f*** 12/

N***as still saying f*** Candice, n***as still saying f*** care, yeah, if I care it’s lit, be in the campaign was something that was cool to be, it’s terrible, turned the racist to a motherf***in’ eulogy…/”

The visual comes courtesy of Bryan Barber and sees the viewer cycling through various images and visuals on Instagram of fireworks and protests that have been taking place around the world after the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and — even since then — countless others at the hands of the police and white nationalists. The clip even closes with the now popular-clip of New York governor Andrew Cuomo showing support to those demonstrating:

“Enough is enough… It is a continuum of cases and situations that have been going on for decades and decades and decades… I was there for Rodney King, Amadou Diallo … When does it change? It’s been 30 years since Rodney King … Where was the progress? Eric Garner. I’m with the protesters.”

Press play on 2 Chainz and Skooly’s powerful clip below.

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