/  06.30.2020

Today, in the latest installment of the noteworthy Verzuz series via Instagram live, two of New York’s finest squared off in what would be a battle to remember for years to come. In this epic battle, Fabolous and Jadakiss went head-to-head as they helped take the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland platform to a new peak!

Speaking with “The Breakfast Club” Monday (June 29) morning, Fab and Kiss discussed their game plan for this legendary showdown.

“There’s no set recipe. just using all of the seasons in front of you” Jadakiss said. “I don’t wanna over talk to the battle before the battle even happens, but there’s so many layers to our catalog, you really gotta pick the right record. You’re playing for the audience too — same way when you go do a show,” Fabolous added.

Check out how REVOLT scored this dynamic face-off below.

ROUND ONE: “Blackout” (Jadakiss) vs. “You Ain’t Got Nothin On Me” (Fabolous)

Jadakiss came straight out the gate with his verse from the classic DMX record “Blackout.” While Fab came back with his “You Ain’t Got Nothin On Me” record with Lil Wayne, it wasn’t enough to top Jada on this one.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss Leads 1-0

ROUND TWO: “Recognize” (Jadakiss) vs. “6 Mins Of Death” (Fabolous)

With Jadakiss delivering a LOX street anthem “Recognize,” Fabolous stated, “You sleep on my street s**t” before he spun the epic collab “6 Minutes Of Death” with Cassidy and Lil Wayne. Easy win for Fab.

Winner: Fabolous

Series Tied 1-1

ROUND THREE: “Made You Look (Remix)” (Jadakiss) vs. “Start It Up” (Fabolous)

Coming off the ropes, the Yonkers rapper responded with his infectious verse on Nas’ “Made You Look (Remix).” Fabolous strategically retaliated with his verse for Lloyd Banks’ “Start It Up” but fell a little short.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 2-1

ROUND FOUR: “By Your Side” (Jadakiss) vs. “Trade It All Pt. 2” (Fabolous)

Jadakiss came with some slight work to test the waters with his “By Your Side” record. He clearly gave Fab some leeway to take off with Fab returning with his verse to Jagged Edge’s “Trade It All Pt. 2.”

Fab also shared that he first met Kobe Bryant for the video shoot. “If you’re drinking, take a shot for Kobe Bryant,” he said.

Winner: Fabolous

Series tied 2-2

ROUND FIVE: “All For The Love” (Jadakiss) vs. “Imma Do It” (Fabolous)

To get his back off the wall, Kiss jabbed Fab with his verse on classic LOX record “All For The Love.” This is definitely one for the streets and tough to beat. With this intact, Fab responded with his joint “Imma Do It.” This wasn’t enough to keep Kiss’ down though.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 3-2

ROUND SIX: “Chest 2 Chest Freestyle” (Jadakiss) vs. “Keepin It Gangsta” (Fabolous)

Jadakiss said he was sticking to the script with this one when he spun the well-known LOX “Chest 2 Chest Freestyle.” Fabolous said he was matching Kiss’ energy right before he put his street anthem “Keepin It Gangsta” in motion.

Winner: Fabolous

Series tied 3-3

ROUND SEVEN: “WWIII” (Jadakiss) vs. “Gangsta Don’t Play” (Fabolous)

This is definitely a New York celebration. Kiss retaliated with his verse on Ruff Ryders’ record “WWIII.” The Dusse was flowing and Kiss was feeling it. Fab trusted his DJ with his comeback — that comeback was “Gangsta Don’t Play” with Junior Reid.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 4-3

ROUND EIGHT: “Banned From TV” (Jadakiss) vs. “Brooklyn” (Fabolous)

“It’s no story, just drop that s**t!” Jadakiss proclaimed right before he spun his verse for “Banned From TV.” Fabolous did it for his hometown Brooklyn when his DJ spun his JAY-Z & Uncle Murda assisted “Brooklyn” record. This one wasn’t enough to get past Kiss.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 5-3

ROUND NINE: “Blood Pressure” (Jadakiss) vs. “Young OG” (Fabolous)

While Jadakiss continues to indulge in the pleasures of Dusse, he starts feeling it when he plays his verse from LOX’s “Blood Pressure.” Fab stays calm as he shouts out Ciroc and Diddy right before he says, “Let me talk some s**t too” and plays “Young OG.” Easy win for Fab.

Winner: Fabolous

Jadakiss leads 5-4

ROUND TEN: “Can I Live” (Jadakiss) vs. “OJ” (Fabolous)

After accepting defeat from round nine, Jadakiss told a brief story about he walked in on Biggie lacing his verse on this beat — that beat was Black Rob’s “Can I Live” featuring The LOX. He gave some background on the record that it was initially LOX’s joint, but Bad Boy kept it for Black Rob. To jab back, Fab spun a standout record from Jeezy’s TM 103, “OJ,” which actually features Jadakiss, as well.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 6-4

ROUND ELEVEN: “Ball Drop” (Fabolous) vs. “Victory” (Jadakiss)

To kick off the second half, Fab stated, “This is for everyone who said 2020 was gon’ be their year” with a raised cup of Ciroc to toast. Following the brief toast, Fab’s “Ball Drop” with fellow New York rapper French Montana turned us up. Jadakiss hit Fab with an uppercut by spinning his classic verse on Puff Daddy’s “Victory” record with Biggie.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 7-4

ROUND TWELVE: “Uptown Vibes” (Fabolous) vs. “Mighty D-Block ‘2 Guns Up’” (Jadakiss)

In an attempt to redeem himself, Fab hit Kiss with a low blow on his record “Uptown Vibes” with Meek Mill. With an unbelievable comeback, Jadakiss threw a haymaker with his verse on Sheek Louch’s “Might D-Block (2 Guns Up).”

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 8-4

ROUND THIRTEEN: “Can’t Deny It” (Fabolous) vs. “F**k You” (Jadakiss)

A calm and collected Fabolous kicked off this round stating, “We f**k with Pac too….” before he started to lace 2Pac’s “Ambitionz As A Ridah” before transitioning into his “Can’t Deny It” classic. Jadakiss took this hit to the chin as he retaliated with his verse on The LOX’s “F**k You.”

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 9-4

ROUND FOURTEEN: “Throw It In The Bag (Remix)” (Fabolous) vs. “Knock Yourself Out” (Jadakiss)

Fabolous decided that now was the perfect time to dive in his bag to pull out “Throw It In The Bag.” Jadakiss still sticks to the script with his classic single “Knock Yourself Out.” Undeniable win forJada on this one.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 10-4

ROUND FIFTEEN: “Holla Back” (Fabolous) vs. “Run (Remix)” (Jadakiss)

Sheesh! Fabolous had to dig himself out his hole with his classic “Holla Back” and we all went into a frenzy in the comments! Jadakiss came back at Fab with the remix to Ghostface Killah’s “Run,” unfortunately, it wasn’t hard enough to top Fab in this round.

Winner: Fabolous

Jadakiss leads 10-5

ROUND SIXTEEN: “You Be Killin ‘Em” (Fabolous) vs. “All About The Benjamins” (Jadakiss)

Fab pulled out the ladies anthem with his hit “You Be Killin Em” and everyone was loving it, of course. Jadakiss initially stated, “That was nice,” before he chin checked Fab with “All About The Benjamins.”

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss leads 11-5

ROUND SEVENTEEN: “Make Me Better” (Fabolous) vs. “Back 2 Life 2001” (Jadakiss)

It was only a matter of time before Fab pulled “Make Me Better” from his arsenal. This was the perfect record to redeem himself. Jadakiss came back nice with his verse on “Back 2 Life 2001,” but it couldn’t hold weight against Fab in this round.

Winner: Fabolous

Jadakiss leads 11-6

ROUND EIGHTEEN: “Can’t Let You Go” (Fabolous) vs. “Ride Or Die” (Jadakiss)

Fab stayed on his mainstream flow while spinning “Can’t Let You Go” — a fan favorite. Jadakiss seemed to cool off a bit as he had “Ride Or Die” with Eve and Drag-On in rotation. Fab walks away with the W on this one.

Winner: Fabolous

Jadakiss leads 11-7

ROUND NINETEEN: “So Into You” (Fabolous) vs. “Diamond In The Rough (Remix)” (Jadakiss)

As the end of the battle nears, Fab couldn’t have picked a better time to play his record “So Into You.” Without a doubt, this is a classic that will be remembered forever. Unfortunately for Kiss, his “Diamond In The Rough Remix” couldn’t hold weight against Fab.

Winner: Fabolous

Jadakiss leads 11-8

ROUND TWENTY: “Breathe” (Fabolous) vs. “We Gonna Make It” (Jadakiss)

Fabolous regained some energy with his classic hit “Breathe.” Jadakiss, of course, counter punched Fab with “We Gonna Make It” and that pretty much crashed the comments on Live. As over 220,000 fans watched; everyone was rapping the lyrics and it was epic.

Winner: Jadakiss

Jadakiss 11-9


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