Earlier this month, H.E.R. took part in iHeartRadio’s “Living Room Concert” series, where she debuted a powerful cut titled “I Can’t Breathe,” named after the words said by many Black lives before their deaths at the hands of police. Now, fans get to check out the official visual for the track, which is produced by Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II and speaks to the protests that are taking place in the name of freedom:

“Starting a war, screaming “Peace” at the same time, all the corruption, injustice, the same crimes/

Always a problem if we do or don’t fight, and we die, we don’t have the same right/

What is a gun to a man that surrenders? What’s it gonna take for someone to defend her?/

If we all agree that we’re equal as people, then why can’t we see what is evil?/”


The black-and-white clip is directed by Shane Adams and is a mixture of photos and video footage, showing protests (and news reports of) that have spawned around the world following the passing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The clips description also confirms that proceeds from the release will go to the Black Lives Matter organization.

During the aforementioned live set, she explained the meaning behind the creation of the song, previously reported on REVOLT:

“These lyrics were kind of easy to write because it came from a conversation of what’s happening right now, what’s been happening, and the change that we need to see. I think music is powerful when it comes to change and when it comes to healing and that’s why I wrote this song, to make a mark in history. And I hope this song does that.”

I Can’t Breathe” isn’t her only recent video drop, either — H.E.R. also delivered another black-and-white clip for last year’s “I’m Not OK,” a somber track about mental health that’s taken another form thanks to a surprising, beautiful interpretative dance routine led by comedian/actor Affion Crockett.

Fans can enjoy both videos below.