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  /  06.26.2020


A fired Miami cop has been arrested and charged after he was seen on video tasing Safiya Satchell multiple times while his knee was on her neck.

Former officer Jordy Yanes Martel was fired last week for the incident, which took place back in January. On Thursday (June 25), he was arrested and charged on two counts of official misconduct and four counts of battery by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents.

“If you’re an officer that has broken policy or acted under color of law with a belief that Black Lives don’t Matter, times are a changin’,” lawyer Jonathan Jordan said. “My client deserves to witness justice be served in this prosecution against this former officer where so many others in her position have not been as fortunate.”

Video has surfaced of the incident. Martel was working as off-duty security on January 14 when the manager at a local club asked him to give Satchell a trespassing warning after she allegedly threw money at a waitress.

Once Satchell entered her car and tried to leave, Martel approached her and told her she was “being trespassed.” He then told her to get out of her car and come with him to his police vehicle. She refused to get out because she wasn’t wearing any shoes.

She then tells the former officer, “My dad’s a police officer.” He responds, “I don’t care.” She then says, “Whatever you want to do, pull me out the car, go ahead.” Martel is then seen on video trying to open her car door from the outside before he reached in to unlock the door from the inside. Satchell grabbed his hand and told him, “Don’t reach in my car. Are you crazy? You can’t reach in my car.”

The video image then disappears and the person who filmed the incident can be heard saying, “Why is you doing all that? Are you serious? On her neck though?” The video image returns and Martel can be seen with his knee on Satchell’s neck while she lies face up, screaming. He then tases her in twice as she continues to scream. According to Forbes, she was reportedly a few weeks pregnant at the time of the incident. She has since lost the baby, but the outlet reports that it was not a result of the tasing.



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