Truthfully, nothing is probably better than finding out that one of your favorite artists will put together a deluxe version of one of their best projects. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie took to social media to make the announcement of Artist 2.0 Deluxe.

“To the best fans in the world, thanks for being patient and always supporting everything I do. It took a while to bring you this Deluxe because I wanted to make sure it dropped at a time that felt right. But it’s finally here! 6/19 it’s up!”

Today, A Boogie fans across the world are spoiled with more music as he comes though with his latest drop.

The New York rapper not only pleases his fans musically, he’s done a phenomenal deed for his community by giving back to his elementary school. According to A Boogie, he believes it’s important to invest in the youth during these horrific times in order to secure a more promising future.

Artist 2.0 Deluxe contains nine new records that definitely takes A Boogie to new heights. With only a lone feature from Melody, the project is executive produced by Boogie himself along with Quincy Acheampong and Sambou Camara — the vibes are most certainly there!

Essentially, there could’ve been ten records on this deluxe version but one of the fan favorites didn’t make the final cut unfortunately. “This Time” is definitely the one that we would have loved to have on the track list, but due to sample clearance issues, A Boogie didn’t have a choice but to exclude it.

“This Time” samples Michael Jackson’s timeless hit “They Don’t Really Care About Us” and the Jackson Estate didn’t feel comfortable clearing the sample for new music. While the reasons remain unknown, the New York rapper vowed to release at a later date.

Use this time to indulge in A Boogie’s latest effort below and let us know your thoughts!