The rumors are true — Jamie Foxx has confirmed he will be portraying Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic about the heavyweight champion’s life. The Oscar Award-winning actor’s name was trending on Twitter Thursday evening (June 18) after he revealed the news during an Instagram Live chat with Hollywood producer Mark Birnbaum.

“It’s a definitive yes,” Foxx answered Birnbaum. Since the film was originally announced in 2014, some fans have wondered if it would ever arrive to theaters.

“Doing biographies is a tough thing. Sometimes it takes 20 years to get it done but we officially got the real ball rolling,” Foxx explained. “I can’t wait to show people what it is.”

During the Live chat, Foxx revealed that he first met Tyson when he was 22 years old after performing standup comedy. He told Birnbaum he is excited to portray the “different lives” of Tyson, as he’s followed the legendary boxer’s career and personal life over the years.

“I saw him at the height of his career, and then when things got bad and bumpy I also saw him as well. So what I’m excited about the movie is to show those moments,” Foxx shared. “I think everyone, young and old, will be able to understand this man’s journey.”

Foxx also revealed his intense exercise regimen as he bulks up to play Tyson. The routine consists of 60 pull-ups, 60 tricep dips and 100 push-ups every other day. Foxx also shared a photo of himself showing how much muscle he’s already tacked on. The Just Mercy actor plans to weigh 216 pounds at the start of filming and will finish filming at 230 pounds.

“The technology of how I’m going to look, I guarantee you people will run up on me in the street and ask for autographs, and think that I’m Mike,” he added.

Watch the whole interview below.