Despite us all being under quarantine for most of the year, Saweetie is determined to get the party going as cities begin to reopen. This week, she debuts her single “Tap In,” which sees the Bay Area star flexing over production from Dr. Luke and a sample of Too $hort’s 2006 classic cut “Blow The Whistle”:

“Wrist on glitter, waist on thinner, I’ma show you how to bag a eight-figure n***a, face on zaddy, pockets on Jigga, you better get the card and make it swipe like Tinder/

Private villa and the fur chinchilla, when he post me, all the hoes get sicker, f***boy killer, I don’t need fillers, never been a lame so the real b***hes feel it…/

Daddy on the FaceTime, you could never take mine, end up on the Dateline, rich with no day job, b***h, hit your wop, wop, always on the court side…/”

The track is expected to appear on Saweetie’s forthcoming project Pretty B***h Music, which she revealed was on the way earlier this year. She also took to social media to celebrate the massive success of her breakthrough single “My Type,” which has officially earned a double Platinum certification. During a chat with hip hop legend Lil’ Kim for Interview Magazine, Saweetie spoke on when she first heard the beat for “My Type”:

“I was actually in the studio when they made it, because I was missing one more song off of my EP—I was missing a slap. We were about to sample something else, but I was like, ‘What is something from my childhood that I couldn’t get enough of?’ And I remembered being 10 or 11 dancing to that Petey Pablo song. The sample gets me every time.“

Press play on Saweetie’s flashy “Tap In” video below. Pretty B***h Music will hopefully be making landfall soon.