RMR has seemingly appeared out of nowhere. An artist that somehow fits in country as much as he does hip hop and R&B, the enigmatic, masked talent dropped a bomb on the world with the socially charged ballad “RASCAL,” an apparent parody of Rascal Flatts’ “Bless The Broken Road” that speaks out against the police and the role they play in his community:

“And every sleepless night, led me to where I am, b***hes that broke my heart, they became hoes that scam/

Show me a better way, promise I’ll quit this game, this much I know, it’s true, I came up and so could you, and f*** the boys in blue/

F*** 12, f*** 12…/”

Now, the Do Betters-produced cut get an upgrade thanks to Young Thug, who takes it a step further in regards to police brutality and systematic oppression overall:

“Chasin’ these blue strips, often elusive, nemesis nuisances, they label us with they two cents/

Recruiters to shooters, they harassin’ us, I’m pursuin’, ride for what’s right, the news reporters, they lootin’, man/

Illusion, propaganda, they even try to break us down and point guns with our hands up, it’s f*** 12, man, they been losin’ they manners/

F*** around and tie up a blue and red bandana, I’m ready to die and lay it down about my dawg, no pajamas…/

Both versions of “RASCAL” can now be found on RMR’s recently liberated EP Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art, which was released via Warner Records and also boasts assists from Future, Lil Baby, and Westside Gunn. While little is known about RMR to date, he did speak to Rolling Stone about what fans can expect from him as an artist:

“I’m a new-age artist… I’m the future. I’m what people are going to be in the next two to five years. This is how people are going to go about things. I take the Mamba Mentality to [the] thing. I’m Kobe Bryant with it.”

Press play on “RASCAL (Remix)” and, if you missed it, Drug Dealing Is A Lost Art below.