The family of the late Rayshard Brooks is demanding that murder charges be brought forth for former officer Garrett Rolfe after he allegedly fatally shot him while he was running away during an arrest.

During a press conference on Monday (June 15), Tomika Miller, Brooks’ wife, said a few words while holding their young child. “There’s no justice that can ever make me feel happy about what’s been done,” she said. “I can never get my husband and best friend back.”

She also urged the protesters to remain peaceful so that her husband’s name could remain “positive and great.” Brooks’ widow added that her husband’s death is the result of policing that keeps all Black people in unrest. “I’m scared every day my children go out, my family members go out, because I don’t know if they are going to come home,” Miller said.

Brooks’s cousin Tiara also spoke at the press conference. “We’re tired and we are frustrated,” she said. “Most importantly we’re heartbroken, so we need justice for Rayshard Brooks. The trust that we have in the police force is broken. The only way to heal some of these wounds is through a conviction and a drastic change in the police department.”

The family’s attorney revealed that Tyler Perry offered to cover the costs of the funeral. “We do want to acknowledge and thank Tyler Perry, who we spoke with [and] who will be taking care of the funeral for the family,” Attorney Chris Stewart said.

He continued, “It’s support like that and it’s people who are actually in this community that love the community, that want healing and families like this to never have to go through something like this, to step forward. And we want to thank him for such a generous move.”

Watch a clip from the press conference below.