On Friday’s (June 5) episode of “Young Money Radio,” Snoop Dogg asked Lil Wayne about his plans to potentially participate in a Verzuz battle. “That Verzuz battle, when they gon’ get you in there?” the “Gin And Juice” rapper asked. “You the young GOAT! You birthed the second generation of rappers. Dem is yo babies out there. You deserve to be in the race.”

“If they start me, they ain’t gon’ stop me,” Weezy replied. “They gon’ have to ring the bell, ‘Tune stop!’ I can’t stop.”

Snoop then compared the New Orleans native’s rap career to the basketball career of the late Kobe Bryant. “Kobe played half his life in basketball,” he told Wayne. “Half your life has been in rapping. I just wanna see you in there because I love what you do and I know what you bring to the table. You the young GOAT, you understand me? A lot of people say that they GOATs, but they not GOATs.”

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” MC added, “When you did what you did, and you birth a nation? You birthed a nation of rappers that are emulate of who you are. All these young lil this, lil that, young this — them is yo’ babies. I birthed the gangsta shit, you birthed this shit.”

Last month, Snoop revealed that he would be willing to battle JAY-Z in the popular Instagram Live series. “Biggie passed away, and then Nas had it for a minute and then JAY-Z took it and ran with it for a numerous amount of years. And then 50 Cent came and ran with it for a numerous amount of years,” Snoop said during a chat with Fat Joe on May 11.

“This is me looking in from the outside, looking at New York rap,” he continued. “So, to me, it would be either a Snoop or a JAY-Z because he’s been the king of New York around the time I was the king of the west.”

Who would you want to see go up against Lil Wayne in a Verzuz battle? Check out the interview below.