/  06.01.2020

A couple of weeks ago, Casanova unveiled his latest single “Stress,” a track that sees him being very transparent about the mental health battles that he faces as a result of his life struggles:

“I’m takin’ pain meds, I swallow these until I feel brain dead, layin’ in my couch in house in my Ray Bands/

Feelin’ like Gotti with a shottie, I’m a made man, f***, I robbed my man for a couple pounds’/

Cause he was up, I’m down, and there was nothin’ ‘round, s***, I’m takin’ uppers now, ’cause he tryna hunt me down, so I gotta keep a gun around/

Just in case I gotta gun him down, damn, this the life of a crook, think set it off if my life was a book/”

Now, the Yung Tago and TnTXD-produced cut gets a jarring, cinematic visual to match. Directed by Will C of Street Heat, Casanova can be seen being given an eviction notice in front of the media, which causes him to take pills for his stress. This is interspersed with him performing in a bedroom while various forms of drug addiction take place around him. He eventually overdoses, as another junkie robs him during his unconsciousness. The clip ends with the number to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline for all who are in need of additional help.

During a past interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Casanova spoke on having anxiety and PTSD, as well as his associated drug use during his two-plus years incarcerated:

“I was on everything, Ritalin, Remeron, in jail. I took everything. Every med you could possibly take, I probably took in jail… When I say crazy, I used to just pop off on my bunkies, for no reason apparently. I used to just be tight. Mail time come, no mail, I used to just black out. They used to give me a shot, big long shot, I used to be passed out for a couple hours.”

Press play on “Stress” below.


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