Smokepurpp’s Florida Jit album is coming sooner than later. On Friday (May 29), the 23-year-old announced the release date for his project.

In a post to Instagram, Purpp revealed the LP’s cover art, which features a photo of the rapper dressed in an all-black outfit with several chains. “Florida Jit. Official cover. June 5th,” he wrote. After sharing the news, fans filled the comments section with their excitement.

In a recent interview with HotNewHipHop, Purpp revealed that his album was inspired by his upbringing in Florida. “I grew up in Florida and like, Florida is really what made me, what made my character. Florida pretty much made me, so, it’s only right I do this for my city and I do more and more for my city. This isn’t enough but this is a start. I want to do a lot of stuff for the city. I want to donate money, I want to donate to charity and this is just the start of that,” he explained.

Elsewhere during his conversation, Purpp touched on the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that he’s grateful for his multiple sources of income.

“With Coronavirus, it just comes down to entrepreneurship, you know what I’m saying? You got to have multiple sources of income. At this point, you already should have had multiple sources of income because, you know, you never know when something like this is gonna happen. I already have multiple sources of income. I have signed artists. I have producers I signed. I do real estate. I own a couple of properties. So, I’m not gonna say it didn’t affect me that much because it affected the whole world,” he explained.

Florida Jit will serve as the follow-up to Deadstar 2, which Purpp dropped in December 2019. Take a look at Purpp’s exciting announcement below.