If you’re a college student and you’re thinking of useful ways to spend your sudden free time now that the country is pretty much on lockdown to combat the spread of Coronavirus, AT&T has a special program that you might be interested in.

Across the country, a number of students have been left disappointed after their dream internships at a number of different businesses decided to not move forward with their hiring opportunities due to companies downsizing, cutting employees’ pay, and staff being forced to work from home during the pandemic. AT&T is now here to a offer cool new educational service for young, soon-to-be professionals who want to make the most of this time. Introducing The AT&T Summer Learning Academy.

According to its website, this new initiative “is a free, unpaid self-paced online learning ‘externship’ certificate program designed to support college students looking for something to fill the void.”

Does this sound like something you or a college friend would like to explore? Brushing up on or even developing brand new skills during social distancing can only help you in the long run — especially when it comes to your future career goals. “This program is open to all college students and consists of 80 hours of virtual, on-demand 24×7 content,” the website continues.

If you’re down to join the program, then you better act fast. “Registration is open now for college students through June 12 and the program runs from June 22 – July 20. Content will appear here once the program launches,” the AT&T Learn site adds.

“You are officially registered if the AT&T Learn website button says ‘You’re successfully registered’ instead of ‘Register Now.’ Within 2 business days of successfully registering, you will receive an email from AT&T Summer Learning Academy to complete a college validation form. This form must be submitted to receive the AT&T Summer Learning Academy certificate of completion.”

To learn more about the AT&T Summer Learning Academy, go here.