112 defeats Jagged Edge in Verzuz battle — see REVOLT’s scorecard here

The Jagged Edge and 112 Verzuz battle was one for the books! But, 112 took home the win.

  /  05.26.2020


It was a battle specifically tailored for the ladies on Memorial Day (Monday, May 25) on Instagram Live as two of the most prolific groups in R&B history — Jagged Edge and 112 — squared off in a showdown courtesy of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz platform. Both groups took turns spinning their classic hits to the delight of music fans across social media.

Adding to the multitude of epic battles we’ve seen thus far, this one helped take the Verzuz series to brand new heights. Check out how REVOLT scored the Memorial Day face-off between Jagged Edge and 112 below.

ROUND ONE: “He Can’t Love You” (Jagged Edge) vs. “It’s Over Now” (112)

With the initial round kicking off as Jagged Edge was given the first song pick as hosts, they came out of the gate swinging with their well-known hit “He Can’t Love You.” While this was (and still is) a major hit that stood the test of time, it wasn’t enough for 112’s counter uppercut “It’s Over Now.”

Winner: 112

112 leads 1-0

ROUND TWO: “Girl It’s Over” (JE) vs. “Come See Me” (112)

Jagged Edge delivered well to kickstart the second round with a stand-out cut from their third studio album Jagged Little Thrill, “Girl It’s Over.” Thousands of viewers in the comments were clearly feeling the record and some contemplated on how 112 would respond. They then saw that 112’s response with “Come See Me,” giving them a slight edge over JE.

Winner: 112

112 leads 2-0

ROUND THREE: “Wednesday Lover” (JE) vs. “Now That We’re Done” (112)

At this point, it was starting to look a bit sketchy for JE with their 0-2 trail, so they brought out a fan favorite from their debut album with “Wednesday Lover.” This one single handedly got them back in the running against 112’s “Now That We’re Done.”

Winner: Jagged Edge

112 leads 2-1

ROUND FOUR: “Promise” (JE) vs. “U Already Know” (112)

During the course of the battle, round four was one of the best! When JE played one of their most notable records, “Promise,” it was evident that everyone would go up in a frenzy. “Promise” is a special gem for the ladies that will pretty much win in a battle against of great handful of records. With 112 realizing the type of heat brought to them, they responded with “U Already Know,” another classic record that has a high replay value among the grown folks. Unfortunately for 112, JE took the cake on this one.

Winner: Jagged Edge

Series tied 2-2

ROUND FIVE: “Gotta Be” (JE) vs. “Anywhere” (112)

Things started to really get spicy as JE threw a quick jab with their hit “I Gotta Be,” another record for the pleasure of women across the globe. 112 had a brief segue before winning the round with their mid-tempo smash hit “Anywhere” and Ciroc in hand:

Since we’re in the spirit of celebrating each other’s career, we gon give y’all this and let y’all know what time it is…

Winner: 112

112 leads 3-2

ROUND SIX: “Walked Outta Heaven” (JE) vs. “Cupid” (112)

During an intermission, both groups spread the news about new music dropping with the great vibes and dope energy still flowing. Shortly after the announcements and a few laughs between the two, JE spun yet another classic tailored for the ladies — “Walked Outta Heaven.” Fellas, you can never go wrong with having this in your rotation when you’re with your woman on a romantic evening.

In response, 112 used this as the perfect opportunity to combat with their unforgettable classic “Cupid.” Though these two records are undoubtedly amazing across the board, 112 went two up on JE.

Winner: 112

112 leads 4-2

ROUND SEVEN: “Goodbye” (JE) vs. “Player” (112)

Things toned down a bit during this round as JE subtly spun the block with “Goodbye” and 112 responded with “Player.” Two great records, but JE was able to get themselves back in the running with this W.

Winner: Jagged Edge

112 leads 4-3

ROUND EIGHT: “The Remedy” (JE) vs. “Hey Luv (Anything)” (112)

This time, 112 countered JE’s “The Remedy” with “Hey Luv (Anything)” featuring Mobb Deep and they won’t be denied. This specific 112 record probably won’t make their top five greatest hits, but it most certainly shows their range.

Winner: 112

112 leads 5-3

ROUND NINE: “Nasty Girl” (JE) vs. “Sky’s The Limit” (112)

As JE decides to speed things up a bit with their hit “Nasty Girl” that featured the late, great Notorious B.I.G., 112 matched their energy by spinning another fan favorite with Biggie — “Sky’s The Limit.” With both of these classics still in heavy rotation these days, “Sky’s The Limit” easily takes the crown on this one. Nostalgia at it’s finest.

Winner: 112

112 leads 6-3

ROUND TEN:”Promise (Remix)” (JE) vs. “So Fly” (112)

As we’re halfway through the epic showdown, JE kicks things off with the remix to their “Promise” record while 112 falls short as Slim plays his record with Yung Joc titled “So Fly.” This was a clear win for JE.

Winner: Jagged Edge

112 leads 6-4

ROUND ELEVEN: “Trade It All Pt. 2” (JE) vs. “Q, Mike, Slim, Daron (Interlude)” (112)

With 112 putting their smooth interlude in motion, JE immediately capitalized with the second part of their hit “Trade It All.” Playful verbal jabs were thrown at this point, but it was all out of love and respect. Nonetheless, we’re sure that JE knew they had this round in the bag!

Winner: Jagged Edge

112 leads 6-5

ROUND TWELVE: “Good Luck Charm” (JE) vs. “Love Me” (112)

This round was another one-sided one as JE’s “Good Luck Charm” stood tall over 112’s “Love Me.” JE now managed to make this an interesting battle to see again and they weren’t showing any signs of backing down despite their shortcomings.

Winner: Jagged Edge

Series tied 6-6

ROUND THIRTEEN: “Don’t Mess With My Man” (JE) vs. “Dance With Me (Remix)” (112)

Now here’s where things get a bit spicy for JE. 112 spins the remix to their audio smash “Dance With Me.” Although Nivea and Jagged Edge’s “Don’t Mess With My Man” is a undeniable hit, 112 had the better odds in this one!

Winner: 112

112 leads 7-6

ROUND FOURTEEN: “Let’s Get Married (Remix)” (JE) vs. “Only You (Remix)” (112)

This round was dedicated to remixes, and we think we know by now when it comes to remixes, 112 will always be in their bag! Not to bring any shame to JE’s remix to “Let’s Get Married,” but it was no match for 112’s remix to “Only You.”

Winner: 112

112 leads 8-6

ROUND FIFTEEN: “Put A Little Umph In It” (JE) vs. “Miss U” (112)

To kick things off this go around, 112 spins another hidden gem from Biggie Smalls “Miss U.” Being signed to Bad Boy, it’s safe to say that anything Biggie touched with 112 was golden. JE responded with their riveting slow jam “Put A Little Umph In It.” Close but no cigar.

Winner: 112

112 leads 9-6

ROUND SIXTEEN: “What’s It Like” (JE) vs. “Love You Like I Did” (112)

While 112 decides to bring it back to the slow vibrations spinning “Love You Like I Did,” JE couldn’t let them get away THAT easily. When “What’s It Like” came into rotation, 112 loses this round by TKO.

Winner: Jagged Edge

112 leads 9-7

ROUND SEVENTEEN: “Healing” (JE) vs. “Can I Touch You” (112)

112 could have probably out-extended JE in this round with “Can I Touch You,” but once again, JE shows no signs of letting up during this face-off. “Healing” took the cake on this one by a mile.

Winner: Jagged Edge

112 leads 9-8

ROUND EIGHTEEN: “What You Tryin’ To Do” (JE) vs. “All Cried Out” (112)

Bringing out on the big guns — R&B group Allure — 112 did some justice playing their collab record “All Cried Out,” which firmly put a foot on JE’s neck. “What You Tryin’ To Do” was good, but not enough to knock down 112 in this one.

Winner: 112

112 leads 10-8

ROUND NINETEEN: “Hard” (JE) vs. “Peaches & Cream” (112)

112 greatly strategized how they’d bring forth the heat in this battle and they waited until the end to deliver their top 3 hit “Peaches & Cream.” The second fans heard the beat play, the comment section borderline crashed due to the high volume of hundreds of thousands of people typing at once. This was the joint that everyone was waiting on and this was the perfect round to execute! Unfortunately, JE didn’t stand a chance as they lost this round by default.

Winner: 112

112 leads 11-8

ROUND TWENTY: “Where The Party At?” (JE) vs. “I’ll Be Missing You” (112)

This has arguably been one of the best closing rounds during the VERZUZ series thus far. With both groups delivering classic records that will never be forgotten, “I’ll Be Missing You” and “Where The Party At?” this round was certainly the best to close out another celebration.

There was simply no way we could deem a winner for the final round, so it ends in a respected draw for a number of reasons. Though the final round had two victors, only one group could walk away with the overall win — that group was 112.

Winner: 112 and Jagged Edge

Final Score: 11-8-1

Many people thought Jagged Edge would get “washed” by 112, but this battle showed everyone that they can indeed hold their own in a given situation and their catalog is nothing short of amazing. Much love to Swizz Beatz and Timbaland for breaking barriers with Verzuz and continuing to make history in the Hip Hop and R&B community.



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