It’s always a great day when Key Glock drops new music. If you’ve been sleeping on him over recent years, now would be the perfect time to wake up! Today (May 21), the Paper Route Empire capo brings forth his new mixtape Son Of A Gun. Serving as the follow-up to his mixtape Yellow Tape (which dropped earlier this year in January), Son Of A Gun is nothing short of thorough. The 22-year-old rapper never fails to provide the perfect vibes at the perfect times — while listening to the mixtape, it’s inevitable that many hustlers and go-getters will resonate with Glock’s latest delivery.

While Glock is known for dropping projects with no features, he makes sure that Son Of A Gun is no different. Packed with 14 records in total, the Memphis rapper doesn’t struggle one bit as he floats effortlessly through the hard-hitting production on the tape. Though he’s only been in the industry a few years, Key Glock has the poise and charisma of an artist who’s been here before. With the full support of his cousin and Paper Route Empire label partner Young Dolph and his loyal fanbase, there’s no limit to what Glock can do. All of his mixtapes hasn’t had any paid promotion or major label support, but has brought in immaculate numbers just by self promotion and fan love.

Whenever Key Glock drops, he propels his voice to a fan base that will never get enough of his nonchalant attitude. His brash and unapologetic demeanor is often reflected during his creative process and that’s something he’ll never change. Son Of Gun proves that not only does Glock understands who he is, he understands why he’s here.

Right now would be a fine time roll up your swishers/papers or pour up your favorite drink and let Son Of A Gun knock in your speakers at ignorant levels. Let us know your favorite records below!