Photo: AFP via Getty Images/Valerie Macon
  /  05.19.2020


Since the Coronavirus pandemic hit the western world, we’ve seen a plethora of artists and creatives using their time in quarantine to create new art, making the best of a pretty bleak period. Up next is hip hop legend Snoop Dogg, who’s found time to create a new song titled “I Wanna Go Outside,” which is produced by longtime collaborator Soopafly and sees him dreaming of being back under the sun, while also taking the current crisis seriously for the sake of his loved ones:

“I wanna go outside, but I’m stuck in the house, I wanna take a ride, but I’m sittin’ right on the couch/

Yeah, you got that right, choose my battles wisely, ain’t gon fight that fight, all my family and friends, I just want ‘em to live/

Happy times and good health, old to the young, times gon’ get better, I know it’s slow to come, couldn’t hold my tongue/

We gon’ take our time, ain’t no need to rush, we’ll be back in the sun…/”

The Dah Dah-shot video sees what one would expect — Snoop in different locations in his residence, playing video games, hitting his basketball court and paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, cooking up tunes in his studio, smoking some of California’s finest, and more. Viewers can also see in-home shots interspersed with pre-quarantine footage of Snoop Dogg enjoying time with his wife, Shante Broadus, and friends.

Snoop has made sure to use his celebrity platform to bring attention to the importance of social distancing since the states and federal government began to implement new orders. Back in March, he teamed up with California governor Gavin Newsom to spread the work via social media:

“My fellow Californians, real important message — I need you all to stay in the house for me man, real talk… Do not go outside unless you have to. Please. The longer you stay outside, the longer we’re going to be inside.”

Press play on “I Wanna Go Outside” below.



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