Fresh off the heels of his Verzuz battle against Nelly, Ludacris hit up Twitter to field questions from fans. When asked by one Twitter user who he would love to collaborate with, dead or alive, the Atlanta-bred spitter mentioned Tupac and his posthumous song with Biggie, “Living the Life.”

“Who would I like to collaborate with? Dead or alive? It’s a lot [of] dead [rappers], obviously,” Luda answered. “I did collaborate with Notorious B.I.G., but it was a posthumous album. I wasn’t able to actually collaborate with him when he was alive. Tupac, I would love to collaborate with.”

As for a living rapper that he hopes to work with, Ludacris named Eminem.

“But, if we’re saying alive, I haven’t done a track with Eminem yet. That’s on my list,” he revealed. “The world needs a Ludacris and Eminem record, for sure.”

This isn’t the first time Luda has shouted out his appreciation for Shady. While appearing in a GQ video back in 2017, he broke down E

m’s verse on “‘Till I Collapse” as one of his favorite rap verses ever.

“One of my favorite verses from Eminem is on the song ‘‘Till I Collapse’ featuring Nate Dogg,” Luda said. “I just feel like he spazzed the hell out of this record.”

After rhyming along to one of Em’s verses, Luda explained that “he says a lot of different things on that verse that are just all over the place. The ending line is basically like it doesn’t matter how many records you sell, if you don’t have respect in this game, it means absolutely nothing.”

“I mean, everything about that verse is incredible to me,” he continued. “From a critic’s standpoint, from someone who wants to sing a long’s standpoint, the cadences, the rhythm, the flow, everything. One of the best verses ever.”

Ludacris most recently appeared on the Usher and Lil Jon-assisted single “SexBeat,” which was first previewed during Jon’s Verzuz battle against T-Pain. Watch a clip from his Twitter Q&A below.