Since its launch a few weeks ago, Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio podcast has given way to several entertaining stories from the likes of Drake, Eminem and the acclaimed rapper/ podcast host himself. On a recent episode, Wayne discussed some of the best producers and producer tags out right now, naming Wheezy as his “favorite new producer.”

“That’s my favorite tag. I don’t know why that’s my favorite tag, but that’s my favorite tag,” he said during the episode. “Probably my favorite new producer, too, so send me some beats, Wheezy Outta Here.”

After the compliment, Wayne also shared his hilarious first impression of Wheezy’s well-known producer tag “Wheezy Outta Here,” which Future says on the beginning of most Wheezy-produced songs. However, mixing up the producer’s name with one of his own nicknames, Wayne admitted that he initially thought the tagline was Future shouting him out on various tracks.

“I ain’t even gonna tell you the funny — ok, first of all, I thought when I first heard that—like I told y’all, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout nothin’, so when I first heard those beats, those songs with ‘Wheezy Outta Here,’ I just thought that was Future shouting me out every time,” he revealed, cracking up over his own misstep.

“Call me vain, I don’t know what you gon’ call me. I was like man—I had to ask Mack [Maine]. You know I gotta ask Mack everything. I had to ask Mack, ‘Why that ni**a Future keep shouting me out on people’s songs and they ain’t even talking about me on the song!” he added.

Last month, Wayne announced he’s got “somethin special komin real soon” for fans. With the new podcast shoutout, maybe there will be an opportunity for Wheezy and the veteran rapper to collaborate on the upcoming project.

See a snippet from the Young Money Radio episode below.