This weekend, Kodak Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, filed a motion to have his client relocated to a safer prison. At the moment, the Florida native is serving out his sentence for gun charges and is slated for release on Oct. 7, 2022.

“We have filed a motion on Bill’s Federal case to correct an error that should lower his classification in the federal system,” Cohen wrote on Instagram. “In the federal system you are scored on an offense level and a criminal history category. Bill’s criminal history category was a 3, I argued at sentencing that this category was overstated as one of his priors was a misdemeanor Marijuana case, that added significant points. The judge accepted that argument and sentenced as if he was a 2. BOP however is still scoring him for placement as a 3.”

Cohen’s request came after he claimed that his client was assaulted by several prison guards. “We just heard from fellow inmates at Max Penitentiary Big Sandy KY,” he wrote. “In regards to @Kodakblack treatment. He couldn’t call himself as he is not allowed phone or visitation for 6 months as punishment for the incident in Miami, even though that has been the case since September.”

He continued, “They refuse to give him credit for that time Friday night he was badly beaten while in cuffs, by 7 guards at Big Sandy KY. They struck him in the head repeatedly with a metal object. Then after one of the guards flicked his genitals and said, ‘You’re not so gangster now, you’re gonna need bigger balls to survive.’ We have notified his counsel @LawRonin @bradfordcohen and he advised he will be asking for a full investigation by @TheJusticeDept and the FBI.”

Earlier this year, the rapper’s team had their client relocated due to fears of Coronavirus. Check out his lawyer’s motion below.