E-40 has embodied numerous personas throughout his career. He’s called himself Forty Water, 40 Fonzarelli, 40 Belafonte, Charlie Hustle, and The Ballatician, to name a few. His most current incarnation is expressed on his latest EP, The Curb Commentator CHANNEL 1, released today (May 8).

The legend returned with the first in what looks to be several installments, each which will be released two months a part. Hip hop has aways been the CNN of the culture and E-Pheezy hasn’t forgotten. Apparently, he has plenty of heat tucked for the coming months. The first in the series depicts the artist as a nightly news reporter, poppin’ his collar with the Bay Bridge on a screen behind him.

The first single from the album is a slap titled “Go.” It’s a combination of street gospel and turf music that has come to define the Hyphy-influence on Bay Area hip-hop. Equal parts choir harmony and 808s, it’s the perfect soundscape for the Yay Area’s king of slang to get busy on.

In addition to his rap pursuits, E-40 owns several varieties of alcohol brands. One of them, E Cuarenta Reposado Tequila, gets a shout out on the track “Go” and made the cover art of the EP. However, his entrepreneurship may be best defined by his record label, Sick Wid It. A man of many hustles, no doubt.

The Ambassador of the Bay dropped Practice Makes Paper last July. Back in March of this year, 40 earned another notch in his title belt. He has the most chart appearances of any hip hop artist, according to Billboard. With a catalog as extensive as 40’s, this new accomplishment should come as no surprise.

Few rap artists have been able thrive since their debut. 40’s been consistently serving up game since the 80s as one of the original members of The Click before he was a solo act. He’s remained an A-list rap icon, and truly is one of the most original and influential rappers of all time with certified G.O.A.T. status in the Bay Area.

Check out Curb Commentator CHANNEL 1 below.