Wiz Khalifa admits he wants to drop music with JAY-Z, talks Max B and more on “Wow Dats Crzy”

Live from The Hamptons, ItsBizkit comes through with this week’s episode of “Wow Dats Crzy” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

  /  05.08.2020


“Wow Dats Crzy” is a new digital interview series that’s hosted by media personality ItsBizkit, where he chops it up with some of the hottest stars in hip hop today.

Live from The Hamptons, ItsBizkit comes through with this week’s episode of “Wow Dats Crzy” featuring Wiz Khalifa, who happens to be chilling somewhere in the metropolis of sunny Los Angeles, as he talks about his recently released project and more.

While everyone has been tucked in isolation, the Grammy award-winning rap star dropped his EP The Saga of Wiz Khalifa — a seven-pack of dope vibes featuring appearances from Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla Sign, Tyga and Quavo, among others. Despite the world’s uncertain circumstances, Wiz admits during the interview that it forced him to get super creative with his music roll out, while also making sure smokers across the globe had something to chief to for 4/20.

Joined together by a daytime toke session, Wiz also talked to ItsBizkit about what he’s been up to during the lockdown, revealed the one rapper who he dreams of working with, named his top five rappers, and more.

Read the five things we learned from this week’s “Wow Dats Crzy” episode with Wiz Khalifa below.

1. He dreams of working with JAY-Z

Believe it or not, Wiz Khalifa and JAY-Z have yet to work together and it’s something the Taylor Gang boss would like to happen real soon. “I still haven’t worked with JAY-Z, so that would be a dream to work with Hov,” he said in the interview. Though the two have hung out before, he previously took glee in trolling fans about a possible collaboration being on the way. Wiz believes it would, without a doubt, be a banger.

2. He’s a fan of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz battles

Like most music lovers during quarantine, Wiz was one of the thousands of viewers tapping into the ongoing Verzuz battles helmed by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. Among his favorite is the battle between award-winning singer-songwriters Sean Garrett and The-Dream, but don’t expect a battle between him another rapper anytime soon.

Though he loves what Verzuz is doing, the “Still Wiz” rap star simply doesn’t feel the timing is right. “I think the real purpose of the battles is to educate people and show them things that they didn’t know about the artist…that comes with time and experience in the game,” he said. “Although I do have a lot of that, I feel like I can do more before I go into a battle to try and educate people on Wiz Khalifa.”

3. He’s fully immersed in the Muay Thai lifestyle

Staying fit and sticking to his diet are some of the many things Wiz is doing to occupy his time during the COVID-19 lockdown. A few years ago, he began MMA training and has completely taken on the Muay Thai lifestyle.

“It’s just fun learning and starting out as a beginner, and starting to compete on a higher level, and starting to compete with higher-level individuals and people who before who might have been a challenge,” Wiz stated. “It’s just fun sport to excel at and push yourself. Anyone who does martial arts knows how mental the whole training is, as well.”

4. He prefers fruit and Funyuns snacks in his dressing room

When you smoke good weed, the munchies are always soon to follow and for Wiz, having a dressing room equipped with tasty snacks is a must. “I’m eating a lot of fruit. A lot of Funyuns,” he said of his preferred snack choices. “I love Funyuns for some reason. I don’t know why I love Funyuns so much.” Wiz also admitted that he doesn’t necessarily snack too much, but when he does, those are what he’s reaching for. He’s mainly a big fan of legit meals that will make you full.

5. Cam’ron is his favorite rapper 

When Wiz was asked to name his top five rappers, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Cam’ron, Bone Thugs and Three 6 Mafia, were easily recalled. Out of all of them, Cam’ron is his favorite. “That’s number one for me,” he gloated. Wiz and Cam have several songs together including 2012’s “The Bluff,” which appeared on Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. and “Touch The Sky” off Cam’ron’s own project.

6. Max B is his spirit animal

Wiz has also paid homage to Harlem icon Max B, and he is never shy about where his influence comes from and called Biggavelli his spirit animal during the interview. “Max B, to me, he’s our soul music of our generation,” he declared. “He’s like the most soulful-est n**ga there ever is and there ever was.” In 2019, Max B and Wiz landed on a wavy track of their own titled “Never Change,” which lives on Max’s 2019 House Money mixtape. Free Max B.

7. He manifested going on tour with Snoop Dogg 

Every kid dreams of getting a chance to hang out with their favorite celebrity and for a young Cameron Thomaz, that celebrity was Snoop Dogg. The Long Beach rapper and Wiz were pals in the 2011 cult classic smoker film Mac & Devin Go To High School, which resulted in tours and music collaborations. They even won a Grammy award together for the 2011 hit “Young, Wild and Free” featuring Bruno Mars.

“It still bugs me out because I would sit at home and dream about opening up for Snoop or actually being onstage with Snoop,” he recalled. “I got the chance to go on an entire tour — two whole tours with him. One for Mac & Devin Go To High School and the second was the high road tour. On the “High Road Tour,” we actually went back and forth, hit for hit and there was times when I did get the hype from him. Just being a young dude in the crib and dreaming about that, and it actually coming true, and him embracing me…it’s a beautiful thing and it’s definitely a dream come true.”

Now, Snoop considers Wiz to be the second-coming of himself.




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