/  05.04.2020

Guapdad 4000’s series on REVOLT called “The Valentino Vlog” gives watchers a glimpse into the exciting life of the Ferragamo Falcon. Check out the highlights of each episode, and be sure to tune in next time.

Guapdad 4000 is back with episode three of “The Valentino Vlog.” In it, the tour with Thundercat is still underway as the guys travel to Phoenix, Denver and Omaha before the country shut down due to Coronavirus. With a positive spirit, the Ferragamo Falcon took on the news and delivered an escape for fans every night until the tour was put to a stop.

As we travel into his world on the show, it’s interesting to see the pandemic from the upcoming artist’s point of view. Hungry as can be, Guap continued to hope for the best even after SXSW and a tour with Jack Harlow were canceled. However, behaving like a true artist, the work never stopped.

Check out five highlights of episode three of “The Valentino Vlog” below.

 1. Guap Shows Some Gratitude

First things first, Guapdad opens up episode three in his home, intoxicated after enjoying a scrumptious home-cooked meal. Feeling good, he began thanking his fans and viewers who watch the “The Valentino Vlog” on REVOLT. Chilling with a Christmas gift, Pokemon’s Psyduck, which also showed some love to the viewers for keeping up with Guap, the stuffed animal itself also let out an anxious “Psyduck” aka thank you!

2. The Mosh Pit

In an epic moment from the tour, during his set in Pheonix, Guapdad gave a fan in the stands a nickname and duty. “Cartier Kevin” was now in charge of creating a spacious pathway throughout the crowd, splitting the audience in two. As he proceeded to make room, Guap says in a narrative tone, “Kevin is also playing the role of Margiela Moses,” giving the concert goer a second nickname before the crowd cheered Kevin on. The best part was when the next song dropped and a mosh pit formed in the center, igniting the room with energy. 

3. The Pandemic

At this point, it’s nearing mid-March and because this is real life, Guap too experienced the wrath of Coronavirus. News broke while on tour and many began to question what was to come next. However, the rapper had the answers. Once arriving in Denver, he put on a complete suit made of paper bags to steer clear of the virus. The rapper and now clothing designer, unsure of what’s to come, laughed with his friends to get through the confusion. “I’d really go back to church. I’d be like wow, I do believe in God,” he said. Through more laughs, he continued, “To make sure like, he’s still f****** with me ‘cause I’m still f****** with him!”

4. Thundercat Drops Some Knowledge for Artists

As the worry spread, questions on the direction of the tour come about. Thundercat, having years of experience under his belt, sent off a message to not only Guapdad, but any artist on the rise. Keep in mind the video was recorded before it was understood how hectic things would get, even so, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and a lesson to be learned. From Thundercat’s perspective, the uncertainty initially kept him on his toes as everyone prepared to rearrange the next few months. In times of confusion, his advice was “Let’s go. Let’s get weird, that’s what we supposed to do,” Thundercat encouraged. “This is the epitome of being an artist. This weird terror that exists when you okay, but you not okay, that’s where we always think.” Continuing to drop wisdom from the legendary Jimi Hendrix, he added, “We need this part to stay sharp.”

5. The Last Show

As the pandemic worsened, the tour was canceled. In the last show in Omaha, Nebraska; Thundercat and Guapdad shared a sentimental moment as they show love and support to one another before taking the stage for the last time. Following the tradition, Guap put on the Dragon Ball durag one last time, as he and Thundercat toasted to the end of the tour. Before closing, the episode jumps to Guap’s set, as he shared his feelings regarding the tour and Coronavirus. “It’s the last show with my brother Thundercat for a while, it’s truly bittersweet. So f*** Corona, f*** all of that sh*t,” he said.




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