Anthony Tiffith, founder of Top Dawg Entertainment, is giving back to his community amid COVID-19.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the hip hop entrepreneur will donate $86,000 to pay rent for 311 units in the Watts public housing developments where he once lived.

Senior citizens are a group that are often overlooked,’’ he said. “This gesture is not just about philanthropy but humanity overall, and it’s just the kind of good news our city needs right now.’’

The elderly are among those who are most susceptible to Coronavirus. Tiffith wants to show the residents in his former neighborhood a sense of unity during a time when many people are feeling stressed about finances.

“This is where I grew up,’’ he continued. “These are my people and I wanted to show the seniors that we’re in this together. They’re not alone.’’

This philanthropic contribution will assist “some of our population’s most vulnerable and at-risk residents,” said City of Los Angeles Housing Authority President and CEO Doug Guthrie.

Birdman is another celebrity who has offered to help residents in his former neighborhood with their May rent.

“I would like 2 offer to pay everybody rent for [the] month of May (for those in need) in [the] residents’ area of UPTOWN New Orleans where I was born and raised at,” the Like Father Like Son rapper wrote.

Birdman then thanked multiple people for helping him accomplish this huge gesture. He also sent a special thank you to those on the frontlines who work in hospitals.

“I also wanna thank all hospitals on [the] front lines risking [their lives] to save lives,” he continued. “I wanna thank everybody that works with the Gladys and Johnny Foundation [and] my company Cash Money Records.”

Shoutout to Tiffith for looking out for his community during these tough times.