5 key highlights from Casanova’s “Wow Dats Crzy” episode

This week, we debuted our new interview show “Wow Dats Crzy,” hosted by ItsBizkit, and its featured guest was Brooklyn’s own Casanova.

  /  04.22.2020


“Wow Dats Crzy” is a new digital interview series that’s hosted by media personality ItsBizkit, where he chops it up with some of the hottest stars in hip hop today.

This week, REVOLT debuted the first episode of its new interview show “Wow Dats Crzy,” hosted by ItsBizkit and its featured guest was Brooklyn’s own Casanova.

Fall of last year, Cas saw the unleashing of his first studio album, Behind These Scars, which was released under Roc Nation and his own label 2x Entertainment. The project featured his viral cut “So Brooklyn” with Fabulous and “Coming Home” with Chris Brown.

Since then, the world has been placed under terse social distancing orders, thanks to Coronavirus, that have put a strain on how many musicians make their money. At first, Cas wasn’t taking health pre-cautions seriously. But now, he’s an advocate of playing it safe. Speaking to ItsBizkit, the rapper explained what made him change his behavior and what fans can expect from him next.

Check out five things we learned from “Wow Dats Crzy” with Casanova below.

1. Why he started taking Coronavirus seriously

In March, American cities began to shut down due to Coronavirus. However, despite CDC warnings, a viral post of Casanova and his friends not taking heed to the social distancing orders surfaced online. Following some backlash, Cas admits that it took a friend showing him what was going down in hospitals for him to see the horrid affects of COVID-19.

“I started seeing how much people was sick and laying down,” he recalled. “Old people couldn’t breath, and then certain friends and family members started getting it.” The Brooklyn native has even started stacking up on medication and vitamins, as a precaution.

2. How he made amends with Akademiks

Casanova’s Behind These Scars track “Knock Knock” includes a diss aimed at popular social media personality Akademiks. The visual actually stars the controversial figure. Though these two were once at odds, Cas shared how he was able to let bygones be bygones with Ak.

“We met up at a club and it could’ve went left, but it went right,” he revealed. “We just chopped it up and he made a valid point to me. He was like, ‘Yo, how you not beefing with 6ix9ine no more and you trying to beef with me? I’m just a blogger.’”

3. New artist Brash is up next

This year, Casanova put on 2x Entertainment’s next up-and-coming artist and his name is Brash. The new rapper recently celebrated his release from the penitentiary with “Came Home Today,” which was followed by “Lunchin” featuring a fresh verse from Cas.

“I think we just adapting to what we’re doing,” he said of Brash getting into rap straight out the pen. “When we was robbing, everyone was robbing. I’m doing music. So, all my friends are like, let me try it too and he’s actually very dope at it. Be ready for him to come out swinging this year.”

4. What he learned from Chris Brown

Before Casanova came to the realization that channeling his emotions to make music is better than acting them out in destructive ways, he would basically opt to miss out on studio sessions. Now, his music-making process includes recording while he’s in whatever mood.

“I learned that from Chris Brown,” he admitted. “He don’t feel right, and he’ll still go in and record. Then, he’ll make some dope pain music. So, I just copied that style, truthfully.”

5. How Giggs Wound Up On Casanova Album

UK rap star Giggs’ feature on Casanova’s “Live” is one of the best things about Behind These Scars. The 2x boss talked about how the collaboration came to be — and it was all Giggs’ idea.

I previewed the song while I was recording it and I asked who should I get on this, and Giggs was like, ‘Me,’” he unveiled.




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