Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images
  /  04.21.2020

Governor Brian Kemp has lifted the lockdown in Georgia and businesses will begin reopening this Friday (April 24), despite the continuing rise of confirmed Coronavirus cases throughout the state. Salons, gyms, body art studios, barbershops, bowling alleys and other businesses will be allowed to reopen.

Killer Mike and his wife Shay own multiple barbershops throughout Atlanta. Although other barbershops will open their doors on Friday, the “Kryptonite” rapper tells TMZ that his shops will remain closed.

“As business owners, we were concerned and we are concerned,” he said. “So, I’m excited as a business owner, you have an interest. Okay, business could possibly open. But, to be very honest with you our first concern is the safety of our employees and our customers.”

The Atlanta native says that he and his wife aren’t comfortable putting their staff and customers at risk, knowing that African-Americans are being disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

“At this time, as a business, we aren’t comfortable opening,” he continued. “So, we’re gonna wait a while before we reopen because in our community people who look like her husband, there are more of us who are dying unfortunately. And it’s because of pre-existing conditions, which makes your immune system weaker, which includes things like diabetes, hypertension, things of that nature. So, we don’t want our customers or our barbers in danger and we wanna wait it out.”

According to NPR, Gov. Kemp said “favorable data, enhanced testing and approval of our health care professionals” prompted him to reopen some of the businesses this week. Those businesses will operate under restrictions. Social distancing, enhanced cleanings, screening workers for illnesses and wearing protective gear will become mandatory conditions in each company.

Shoutout to Killer Mike and his wife for putting people’s lives before making money. Check out his interview below.


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