In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Scott Storch is responding to criticism he received following his “Verzuz” Instagram Live battle against Mannie Fresh.

Charlamagne said that as a fan of hip hop, he didn’t believe that Storch should’ve played records that people believed Dr. Dre produced.

“Listen, Dr. Dre is a huge whale if not the biggest producer in the history of hip hop music,” Storch replied. “Sometimes, when your name sits next to a name that big, it kind of overshadows—especially when I was getting started in the business, I was a young man just coming up. When those records came out, people didn’t really read all the credits and see who was doing what.”

He continued, “As far as playing that music in the battle, my sound is pretty clear when people hear it. I’m not going to play something if I’m not one of the main nucleuses or foundations of what these tracks are. I really feel the co-production and writing, whatever I contribute, I bring mine to the table.”

Charlamagne then added that Storch’s name wasn’t credited on some of the songs.

“Sometimes the credits don’t reflect what went down on the record,” Storch said. “In terms of me legitimately being a part of everything I played…100%. Come on.”

A few days ago, Mannie apologized to Storch for playing skits that took jabs at his previous issues with drugs.

“I called Scott myself the next morning and I was like, ‘Hey homie, I feel like this,” Mannie said. “‘A lot of people are upset about the skits or whatever,’ and I was like, ‘I apologize bro if I went too hard on you.’ His reply was, ‘I gotta own up to all that. I know Imma hear that.’”

Watch the full interview below.