/  04.16.2020

If anyone has been making the best of their time during this quarantine, it’s Kehlani. Just last month, the California songstress dropped a sexy new video for “Toxic” using only a computer camera and her natural aura, adding to the growing output of content from artists who are choosing to stay creative during these troubled times. Today, she adds to that with a dope new clip for the track “Everybody Business,” which continues her penchant for laying her heart out for listeners in regards to her relationships:

“I ain’t never been a half-ass lover, rather lay out on the train tracks for ya, hit the pavement for ya/

Make a statement, and you ain’t never had to ask for that, it’s included in the packaging, I was made like that/

I came like that, I paid for that, You ain’t never have to pay me back, can’t make me feel bad for nothin’/

Don’t make me feel bad for lovin’…/”

The self-directed clip — created with the help of Brianna Alysse — starts with unknown individuals speculating about her life, feeling that it’s deserved since she’s a public figure. We then see Kehlani performing in a wooded area, complete with headphones and a microphone. It’s a natural approach to creating a video, given the fact that we all have to abide my new and usual laws during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kehlani pre-empted the release of “Everybody Business” with a transparent social media post:

hi i’m dropping music i care about from an album i rlly care about tomorrow. quarantined or not i’m going to continue with my mode of expression because my art works in real time. if i don’t get music out in the time i felt it lived it breathed it and made it, it may not ever come out because by the time that would be suggested to be the “right” time to drop it.. i’d probably be a whole new person with new feelings and new things to write about. right now in this time at 24 this music is how i feel. where i’m at widdit. like Cloud 19 was when i was 19.. or You Should Be Here was when i was 20. this is just 24. so yeah. i’m rambling at this point. new music in the morning and i’m really happy.

With that said, you can enjoy “Everybody Business” below.


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