According to Billboard, a judge has sided with Megan Thee Stallion on court proceedings for her lawsuit against 1501 Entertainment and its CEO Carl Crawford, securing another legal victory for the “Freak” rapper. On Monday (April 13), Crawford’s request to have the case handled in arbitration was denied, meaning that the matter is now clear to proceed in a courtroom.

Last month, Crawford filed paperwork requesting that his and Megan’s suit be decided by a single arbitrator — a process he claims was specified in her contract. Crawford had also requested to halt further proceedings in the case. However, Texas Harris County Judge Robert Schaeffer sided with Megan on Monday (April 13) and denied both of Crawford’s requests.

“We are obviously very happy with the court’s decision and look forward to litigating this case,” Megan’s lawyer Richard Busch told Billboard.

Megan’s highly publicized legal battle against 1501 Entertainment and Crawford began last month. The Houston Hottie initially raised concern over her record label contract on her Instagram Live.

“When I signed, I didn’t really know what was in my contract,” she said at the time. “I was young, I think I was like 20. And, I didn’t know everything that was in that contract. So when I signed with Roc Nation, I got real management, I got real lawyers, and they was like ‘do you know this is in your contract?’ I was like, ‘Oh damn, that’s crazy, no I didn’t know.’”

After attempting to renegotiate her contract, Megan claimed 1501 Entertainment and Crawford had barred her from releasing new music. She ended up winning a temporary restraining order against the label and was allowed to release her Suga EP on March 6.

Conversely, Crawford has argued that Megan created “a smoke-screen narrative of intimidation and fear with baseless and irrelevant social media posts” and accused her of “continuously and flagrantly disregarded every contractual obligation she owes to 1501 per the terms of the Artist Agreement.”

So far, no future court dates for Megan’s lawsuit proceedings have been announced.